Considering paint colors…

Considering paint colors for our basement.

For the wall:

For the floor:

2 thoughts on “Considering paint colors…”

  1. I fear, possibly with no basis, that if/when dust settles/dirt gets tracked in, that the green will just look grubby. As opposed to a blue which would not. I’m probably thinking of dust/dirt because it is a basement, but maybe it won’t really be an issue….

    I do like the colors

  2. You know I’m not a blue kind of person, but I keep thinking blue on floors with different blue on walls would be lovely.

    I should probably confess, however, that I’ve realized that I don’t actually like the green. It’s one of the greens Adrian likes. You may or may not remember that Adrian and I both like green, but there is not one single particular green we both like. The one yoou showed was over on his side of the spectrum.

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