So, we bought this…

So, we bought this washstand for the master bath. And I love the shape of it, but when it arrived, we found that in our bathroom, the wood looked a lot more yellowish-green than it had in the store. Frustrating! So we talked about it, and decided to try painting it. I still wanted the grain of the wood to come through, but a light wash of color might help? And I kind of love metallic furniture, so we tried some metallic paint. I just painted samples directly onto the back of the piece -- in order, there's a blue, a warm silver (which looks closer to gold), a platinum, and a pewter.

The platinum would have been dramatic, but we went for a more subdued look. The pewter should nicely pick up the dark grey in the mirror detail once we hang them. And add a very subtle sheen to the room, which echoes nicely the shimmery tones in the quartzite tile in the shower.

It ended up looking pretty cool, I think. Especially once the marble was installed today -- it's Calcutta gold, which is a white marble with both grey and light gold veining.

Now, we ended up with this sort of weird thing in back. (Not the drywall mess, which I presume Pam is planning to fix.) Because the washstand is on an outside wall (bad for plumbing), they built the wall in a little behind it, under the marble top, which means that the marble extends further behind the faucet (not yet installed, obviously) than it normally would. It looks a little odd.

I've been trying to figure out what to do with that space. Pam had suggested building up a little shelf with marble, which we could have done, but it wouldn't have looked as clean a shape, I think. I'm tempted to get long, skinny stainless planters to go behind those, and fill them with moss or ferns or some such. The bathroom gets a ton of light, both eastern and southern, with perhaps 3-4 hours of direct eastern sunlight on the washstand. It seems like plants might be a requirement, no?

Any other good ideas what to do with that space? I don't want it to just get cluttered up with stuff, y'know? Which will take a bit of discipline on our parts!

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  1. Mary Anne,
    If you can get Pam to add a backsplash along the back wall, it can be built out so that it forms a shelf upon which you can place small ferns and non shedding plants. Add in a small clock to keep you on schedule plus some barbershop type bottles with colored water and it could be quite nice.

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