I know, I know, I’m the…

I know, I know, I'm the suckiest, most tedious blogger ever. I PROMISE a return to sanity after we move in. You might want to just skip this blog for the next ten days.

TEN DAYS! That's right, in ten days we'll actually be living in our house. (And the semester will be over as well, hallelujah! Though admittedly, I'll still have about fifty final papers and projects to grade...) We won't have countertops, or functional clawfoot tubs, and half our lighting fixtures will be bare bulbs. The yard will be quite bare in front and an utter disaster in back. (At the moment, with the rains, our backyard is essentially a series of small, muddy ponds. Sadly filled with trash instead of koi.) The contractors will continue coming through the house daily through May and June and probably July. But who cares? :-)

I will be living in my house and I will never ever leave it again. I will just walk the floors, singing. My students will be happy to have class there, right? Sitting on the floor because we can't afford chairs? A happy professor is one who gives lots of A's, I'm pretty sure.

Back to the to-do list:


  • catch-up on remaining grading for 358 -- in progress
  • order EXPO equipment -- in progress
  • draft EXPO program -- in progress
  • draft EXPO flyer
  • 4 - dinner: host author Lac Su


  • talk to electrician re: ceiling fan in guest bedroom; buy from Fillmore Electric
  • check with Kev; buy Hunter 1886 ceiling fan for master bedroom
  • file travel reimbursement
  • catch-up on remaining grading for 474
  • check on how many registered for summer writing class; confirm registrations
  • draft course description for 474 class in fall and send to Jennifer

  • stop by Quiltology or The Needle Shop and look at fabrics for Kavi's curtains
  • drop off reimbursement receipt at doctor's office
  • check on Synthroid refill
  • make various doctor / dentist appointments (because life goes on despite moving)
  • try to make curtains for my office


  • schedule next Kriti meeting
  • review and post images for hall closet curtain
  • order fabric for hall closet curtain
  • order fabric for seat back)
  • count upper and lower cabinets, drawers, decide what type of hardware we want on each (knobs, pulls, bin pulls, etc.), buy (from great Indoors or restoration catalog
  • Home Depot -- curtain rods, basic ceiling mounts, ceiling fans
  • once we have wood & zinc quote, decide what we're doing for perimeter countertops; place order
  • talk to neighbors on north; ask if they're okay with 7' fence (need signed letter), and also if landscapers can park there one day if necessary to dump soil
  • Restoration Hardware or Architectural Society -- house numbers
  • IKEA: try again to find stainless shelves (Marketplace); curtains for Kev's office, anywhere else we need them; laundry sink for basement and/or laundry (Numerar?); watering can

    Next week:

  • decide what yard work we can afford; place order
  • 3 thoughts on “I know, I know, I’m the…”

    1. I know, I know, I’m the suckiest, most tedious blogger ever.

      This is not a blog. It is a diary, or perhaps a journal, remember? If you had called it a blog sixteen years ago, no one would have even understood you. So you have no obligation not to be occasionally boring.

    2. I often react exactly the same way, Karina.

      I thought I was being humorous above, but rereading the comment the next day, maybe I was not successful.

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