There are now many ideas…

There are now many ideas we had for the renovation project that we won't be able to afford to implement. So it goes. But I do want to remember some of them for later, in case I do actually get a raise or sell a book or otherwise have an infusion of unexpected cash. One of them is to add details to ceilings -- Gothic curves in the library or dining rom, beadboard in the attic. And designer Anna Maria Horner just completed an attic workroom renovation that's just lovely, so here's a pic for future inspiration:

So pretty. Lots more great pics at her site, if you follow the link above.

5 thoughts on “There are now many ideas…”

  1. LOVE it. And it LOOKS like my attic shape, so it might actually be possible. I think I might want carpet up there, though, really really fluffy carpet you can throw yourself down on to read a book.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Carpet would be very nice. 🙂 I was surprised that the bare plywood looked as nice as it does when painted, though.

    I’ll note that IKEA does sell incredibly cheap high-pile rugs, and I think they have them available in larger sizes. An option?

  3. We’ll have to do something to the floors, as they are just old planks, not the nice kind. IKEA is *always* an option. The rug on our back porch is from there. Almost time to dust the winter off the back porch and start writing out there!

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