We’re trying to figure…

We're trying to figure out what to do with our kitchen window, which looks out right onto an ugly brick wall. The plan is to do a pretty simple stained glass -- or rather, obscured glass. Not color, I think -- we're trying to maintain a clean, simple feel in the kitchen, balanced against the grey walls and blue cabinets. And definitely not in the typical swoopy Victorian stained glass style -- neither of us like that. To remind you, here's the kitchen with its window (partly obscured by a kitchen plan):

We'd originally thought a simple diamond-pane idea would work, with a mix of different types of obscured glass, so it'd still let in light. (Kev thought maybe some clear panels too, to let in more light, but I think that would just bug me, to stare directly at the yellow brick). I was a little worried that it would feel too Tudor / medieval (that's a very old style, the diamond pane), but Pam thinks it looks modern, interestingly. And Gothic Revival was certainly a Victorian era, although I think not quite the same era as my house. Still, there will likely be some medieval-style pieces scattered around the house regardless, especially given my obsession with King Arthur (and kingliness in general). Thankfully, Victorians are very forgiving of eclecticism -- more so than either Prairie or modern styles, I think.

So then a simple diamond-pane, or something a little more complex? I thought possibly it would be nice to have some gothic arches at the top, to echo the idea for the butler's pantry and the piece I built for the dining room, but I'm having a hard time finding a photo that looks like that. Or if they do, the arches are made out of stone, on an old Gothic cathedral. :-) Maybe we should just stick to diamonds, with a simple rectangle border? I'm just not sure. Here are some pics that appealed to me -- what do you think?

  1. This is a pretty classic diamond pane, with a double border of rectangles. So picture this in non-colored obscure glass, in a variety of types (seedy, water, etc.). (Maybe with a mixed-blues border.) Right now, that's what we're leaning towards.

  2. Same thing, but clear glass.

  3. This one doesn't have the diamond pane, but does show the gothic arches at the top.

  4. This one combines diamond pane with a rounded arch at the top. I like it, but I think you'd have to build the window that way, no?

  5. A fancier version of the diamond pane, with little square jewels at the interstices.

  6. Here you see a combination of diamonds and lozenges, both as a design, and built out as a mirror.

  7. And these are just pretty. But notably more elaborate, which I think might look sort of fussy for this window.

5 thoughts on “We’re trying to figure…”

  1. I vote for number 4, the diamond pattern that’s a little fancier. The plain diamond pattern looks too much like security fencing, to me.

    Good luck and have fun!

  2. Could you do something different? Like a greenhouse window? That’s what I’m eventually going to do in my kitchen….

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Not at this stage, Catherine. We had thought about a greenhouse window, but eventually decided against it — I honestly can’t remember why. Although partly it may have been that the plants would have gotten almost no sun, with the two building walls so close to each other.

  4. Belatedly: I agree that 4 and 5 are nice, but I think I like 1 best. Agreed with Ingrid that the plain glass diamond pattern (#2) looks a bit too much like some kind of security bars.

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