I wrote a long and…

I wrote a long and lovely blog entry for you on the plane home, but it got deleted. I'm going to try to recover it, but in case I fail, it was a nice convention, I'm glad I went, I needed the break, I hope I can go back next year.

But I didn't get enough sleep (entirely my own fault, and I don't regret it in the least), and I'm still sick. Just a bad cold, and I seemed to have moved on from the massive headache and constant sneezing to just a sore throat, cough, and exhaustion -- which is tedious, but manageable. I'll teach my classes today. The kids are still sick too, with the same sort of thing, which makes the three hours between end of their school and bedtime difficult to manage. I just have to get through this week, since next week is spring break. Yippee!

I will be very glad when winter is done, though; hopefully, we'll all be healthier then. I was at the house yesterday, doing the final electrical walk-through (yes, we need to add a light in that closet, and, please, if you can pick up all the closet lights, that would be great, and lord, do I really have to choose the color of each and every outlet, outlet cover, switch, and switchplate? yes, apparently I do), and finally, I saw bulbs coming up in my front yard. YAY!

Some of them, I think, are the daffodils that the previous owners planted, that I would like to move to the side yard (if someone can remind me when you move bulbs -- when they're done blooming?). But I think some of them are the ones we planted last fall, the ones that sat in a box for a month, and that I wasn't sure had survived their mistreatment. It's so exciting, seeing them come up.

The little daffodils bulbs on my dining table are all done now too -- per Kirsten's instructions, tomorrow I will take them over to the house and plant them in the yard as well. Those of us with small garden budgets must be innovative. Actually, it sounded sort of obvious once she said it; I don't know why I didn't think of planting those sorts of houseplants outside before.

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  1. Daffodils must go through a sad period before moving. You need to wait until the leaves go brown which will likely be mid-summer. Once the flowers are done, you can cut off their stems, and once the leaves start to get somewhat droopy, you can tie them in knots, if you have the energy to make them look tidier. But you shouldn’t move them until the leaves are dead.

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