Long day yesterday, but…

Long day yesterday, but I did get some writing done, so that was something. Finished Part II of YA fantasy novel! More than halfway through! I was at a cafe with Lori; was motivating, per usual, to have someone else there, typing away.

I just dropped the kids off at daycare/pre-school (Kavi has her first field trip today, to a children's museum! NO tears this morning!!!), and am comfortably ensconced at Blue Max cafe. I'd like to write, but have SO much backlogged e-mail, some of it quite urgent, that I think I'd better deal with that first. Stop at home for lunch of leftovers and to write some checks, then meeting on campus from 1:30 - 3:00, then come home to give Kevin the car for pick-up, then write up some brief essays / writing prompts for tonight's class, eat leftovers for dinner, teach class from 7-9. Packed day. (Note: gado-gado turns out to make excellent leftovers for feeding toddler/baby. Hah! Steamed veggies for the win.)

Tomorrow, we try to get some comparative prices on kitchen cabinets, I think. That'll likely eat most of the workday, but I should be able to do an hour or two of writing in the morning first. The amount of time this renovation takes is just astonishing. Wed and Thurs are fairly free (write! e-mail! unpack bedroom!), and then Fri, I think we need to go to the Tile Shop, which again, may eat up much of the workday. Hope we can make some final decisions on tile there, which I have been waffling about at such ridiculous length. I'm really happy about the kitchen backsplash anaglypta decision, though (see last entry) -- Kev likes it too, so I think that's set now. Goodbye, Ann Sacks gothic tile -- you were so very lovely, but so very far outside my budget.

I did come up with a new and exciting plan for the guest bath, which also involves no tile whatsoever (also no clawfoot tub), but more on that in the next entry. After the e-mail, at least some of it.

Pam is on vacation this week. She comes back at the end of the week, and our renovation officially starts on Monday, July 26th, my birthday. One week! I can't quite believe it's really going to happen. Lori got me some stunningly lovely tea towels for my birthday, so pretty that I'm hesitant to use them -- so far, I've only used them for mopping up a little water AFTER I've cleaned the table. They're in a pink and orange vaguely medieval jacquard pattern -- they're so beautiful, and so me! :-) But as fabulous a present as they are, I'm pretty sure my best present this year will be actually starting construction on my HOUSE.

4 thoughts on “Long day yesterday, but…”

  1. It’s very motivating to hear someone else tapping away, isn’t it? Jealousy and competitive natures kick in.

    Glad you like the towels. I got them at a kitchen store on Clark just south of Foster (next door to Sine Qua Non Salon) if you want to see if they have others.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Lori, I DO want to see if they have others. I’ve seen a lot of French jacquard tea towels, but none in as pretty a pattern as this. Hmm…when will I have a reason to go up in that direction?

    And Jessie, yes, it’s a huge relief. This morning I actually had to hang out in the room for a minute to sign the permission trip for the field trip, and Kavi reminded me quite firmly, “Mommy, you have to go to work!” I assured her that I’d be leaving in just a second, not to worry…

  3. Mary Anne,

    Hoorah… I hope you are going to have a ground breaking ceremony. Pam should be able to get an official looking shovel from the contractors supply to use for the event. Please post photos so we can see you in your spiffy designers hard hat. Psst, Kevin, something you can get her.

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