A few more good design…

A few more good design quotes from Celerie Kemble, To Your Taste:

On catalogs:

"I warn people to open their mail-order catalogs knowing that in two years' time, much of what is shown will be ubiquitous. In an overscheduled world, ordering the backdrop of your life from a catalog is appealing, but there is a lead-weight quality to a home furnished entirely from two or three sources."

She goes on at opinionated length about this (page 60), and it's quite funny. I'm reminded of that Friends episode, where Phoebe is castigating Ross for buying an apothecary chest from Pottery Barn, instead of finding it for pennies in some rummage sale -- and then at the end of the episode, Phoebe admits that she loves everything in the store. Me too. Pottery Barn, get thee behind me! :-)

On dealing with partners:

"I tell couples not to keep the train in the design station just because they are fighting about one or two pieces (or ideas). Stops along the way are inevitable....while proceeding with a scheme, tastes will likely evolve. Like the body, rooms tend to heal themselves in time if taken care of."

I find the idea of rooms healing themselves very reassuring.

On entertaining:

"Your home is not a museum or a store. For those who love great design, turning your place into an exhibition space can be tempting. Make every inch of your house hospitable....[w]elcoming others into your home, accommodating family members, and entertaining is not about perfection; nor is it a competition. The best novels are about good characters, not just beautiful words."

Words to live by, whether re: design or writing...

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