Our house is for sale. …

Our house is for sale. The one we're living in now, the one I just finished unpacking. Argh.

We knew that it would be going back on the market in the spring, but hadn't realized spring meant end of January. Our lease is a six month, followed by month-to-month, so they can't set a closing before end of March. But since the whole historic approval process slowed us down a month or two, and since our earliest estimate on house-readiness is now around September, we obviously would rather not have to move at the end of March!

Well, we'll see what happens. Best case scenario, they get a buyer right away (alleviating their stress) who then agrees to rent to us until September (presumably because they're trying to sell their own house or some such). That would be lovely, though I don't know how likely it is. Worst case, we're out of here April 1, and have to deal with all the hassle of packing, moving, unpacking again. Plus the cost of movers, of course. And in any case, we'll have the extra hassle of keeping the house clean for showings and open houses, and clearing out when requested (although they're not being hard-line about that, since we have small children, which we appreciate).

The homeowners seem like nice folks, and I'm not mad at them or anything -- obviously, they want to sell their house, which they've been trying to do for a while. We knew that when we rented this place. The timing's just not working out to be ideal for us. So not ideal.

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