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We're currently planning to check out kitchen cabinets at Home Depot, Advanced Cabinets and Corna. Any experience with those, or recommendations for others?

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  1. Try Ikea! Great price for frameless cabinets. Frameless means you can switch out the doors whenever you want to change the style. They use top of the line hardware, and Consumer Reports rated them very highly. Check out ikeafans.com for examples of ikea kitchens and help planning your own.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Megan, really? I tend to think of IKEA as very modern and Euro in styling — that’s not the kind of look I’m going for. I think our kitchen is going to be somewhere between cottage and transitional in style. Does IKEA do that?

    Also, despite reading all kinds of kitchen planning books, I *still* don’t understand the difference between framed and frameless cabinets. I feel dense.

  3. Ikea definitely has modern styles, but they have lots of more traditional ones, too. They’ve got a white beadboard style (Stat), they’ve got shaker-style cabinets in several finishes (Adel and Tidaholm) and they’ve got raised panel styles (Lidingo and Liljestad). Check out this webpage for a look at the different styles you can affect with Ikea cabinets: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/kitchen/tools/kitchen_style_selector Keep in mind that your overall styling will have a big effect (what you use for counters and tile and backsplash and drawer pulls). The cabinets are just one part. I plan to use a more modern style, and I’ll be able to get all the cabinets for my small kitchen for less than $1500. That allows me to splash out on a quartz countertop.

    The difference between framed and frameless cabinets is whether or not the box has a face frame (wood applied around the front of the box, against which the door will sit). It a lot of face frame cabinets, the doors do not completely cover the face frame, and so you will see that wood in between the doors. In the frameless cabinets, the doors meet each other and you do not see anything except for doors. That makes it a lot easier to change out the style of a frameless cabinet, as you are just changing the door and do not have to deal with anything else that might show.

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