Nice set of photos…

Nice set of photos on open shelving in the kitchen. This one at right most closely resembles what our kitchen will look like -- some painted cabinets, some natural wood. Ours will probably have quite a bit more copper in it; I'm leaning towards a copper sink (building up a nice patina over time) rather than a white porcelain one, and possibly a copper glass tile backsplash. What do you think?

We're going to have at least some open shelves, I think, for spice jars and for plates / glasses / mugs that we use frequently. (Also some closed shelving and some glass-front shelving.) We don't do enough frying to have to worry about serious grease build-up on everyday dishes. I love the ease of use with open shelves -- just reach up and get what you need. Also, pretty to display your dishes and glasses (at least if you're a neatnik like me). What do you think about open shelving -- yea or nay?

5 thoughts on “Nice set of photos…”

  1. Open shelving is for people without cats. (Also neatniks and people who don’t live where there are frequent earthquakes, natch.) If you’re never going to get a kitten, sure, go ahead. If you are… think about it carefully. I look at that picture and can’t help but imagine all the broken pottery after one night with our cat Freybug.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. Good point. We’re not expecting another cat/dog in the next ten years, as Kev doesn’t think Ellie would take it well. And in ten years, we can always add cabinet doors to the shelving if a kitten comes to live with us…

  3. I love the look of open shelves, but it’s never going to happen in my kitchen. I’m anything but a neatnik, and none of my every day crockery matches.

    I’d recommend not putting glasses on open shelves though – they always seem to get a little dull, even in non-greasy kitchens, in my experience.

  4. I love the look of that kitchen. My concern is that, with kids, you end up with a lot of non-matching china and plastic dishes. I’d use some open shelves for things I used often, but maybe not for regular dishes/mugs/etc.

  5. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I’m figuring the kids’ plastic will go in a closed cupboard. 🙂 Although to be honest, we don’t actually have that much of it — two sippy cups, one princess plate. The baby bottles, but that won’t be for so long. And Kavi is already using regular plates and cups some of the time, along with her dragon ceramic plates from IKEA, and my pretty white/green melamine outdoor plates and bowls.

    I know some people have a lot more kids’ plastic dishware, but somehow, we never got much of it. Our regular dishware is very matching and would look nice displayed. Chocolate and cream for the everyday set, cobalt and white for the winter holiday set.

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