Well, we had the…

Well, we had the historic commission review meeting yesterday, and the upshot was -- no decision yet. They want to see more comprehensive drawings of what's being proposed, so we'll be coming back to them at the next meeting, which is in a month.

Frustrating, since that means we can't move forward with the work, which means the renovation will take a month longer, which potentially means either an extra month of paying rent here, or an extra month of trying to live in a house that's being renovated (with two small children). But I suppose we can't say we weren't warned that renovation projects invariably take longer than originally projected...

I think what I'm most frustrated about is that if I'd understood what they wanted in advance, I could have made sure that our architect got those drawings done so we'd have had them for this meeting. Or at least we could have tried. It does take time to draw this stuff, and we had to have a lot of conversations first, thinking through options before we came up with the current plan. Maybe he couldn't have done the work any faster. Still, if I'd known what they would want, we could have tried.


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