Sorry if all the design…

Sorry if all the design stuff is overwhelming and/or boring -- it's completely filling my head at the moment, and I need to write it down to get some peace. I promise to write about something else soon.

Here's a vague plan for the various rooms -- dark wood floors throughout:

  • entry hall: new (blue-green?) stained glass on stairwell and matching in window (geometric? roses? bougainvillea? medieval?), probably keep Eastlake square-motif balustrade, antiqued silver mirror and small antique wood table (with drawer, to hold leash, doggy bags, etc.), chair or bench for guests to sit on while they take off their shoes

  • front parlor (also MA's study): china blue wall below chair rail, not sure what above; silvery-green floor-to-ceiling silk drapes, lush velvet on seating, small dark wood desk, wallpapered screen with twining birds/trees/vines design, maybe built-in bookshelves, but maybe just a few pretty Indian-style ones. I love the jati metalwork, like these. Although I also like bookshelves with open backs, so you can see the paint color behind them (more open feel), and I love glass-fronted bookcases. Hmm.... Confusing, especially since we already have six perfectly good plain bookcases (three of them in a nice solid cherry wood), which we need to find places for.

  • dining room: dark red below chair rail, off-white or cream above; large square or round table seating 8-10; dining-by-the-sea photograph, printed large, dark red Oriental rug, large wood with red-painted accent 1940s Chinese kimono chest we already have

  • family room: not sure, but including blue-green Oriental rug we have, probably leather furniture; tv? train ladies photograph? one or both of our peacock stained glass floor lamps?

  • kitchen: semi-fitted, with highly-functional cabinetry and appliances at far end. (Pull-outs for trash/recycling; drawers instead of cabinets for better functionality; pull out pantry / spice rack; hide sponges?) Tentatively with natural wood upper cabinets and neutral-toned blue or green painted lower cabinets. Cream or off-white walls, possibly same as family room, or similar. Tiled African blue-green slate counters; butcher-block island top. Farmhouse apron-front sink -- white porcelain or copper? A separate kitchen dresser or other furniture piece, plus some open shelving, a narrow island, and hopefully a table and some seating. The goal is to avoid the massive-bank-of-cabinets look, which I find overwhelming, and make the kitchen feel at least somewhat more like the other rooms; traditional for Victorians. Also hopefully avoid kitchen feeling too dark -- it's long, but narrow, and the windows on the long wall will be somewhat blocked due to condo building next door. Some of the open shelving may have a Sri Lankan theme, with an array of metal hopper pans, idli and pittu makers on a high shelf, vibrant spices in glass jars on lower shelves (must be accessible, because I use those all the time). Some will hold everyday dishes and glassware. Wall-hanging pot-rack (copper tubing or Victorian iron fence?) Chef's utensil bar? Built-in niche for dog food and water bowls so we don't keep tripping over them? Any chance of fitting in a rolling ladder? Can the budget stand a pizza oven / wood-burning fireplace?

  • powder room: white beadboard below, dark red wallpaper above, white porcelain fixtures.

  • library: Gothic / Indian feel, taking color cues from stained glass window -- blue, purple, red.

  • Kevin's study: industrial / steampunk -- RH pharmacy lamp I already have, his somewhat more modern furniture: sideboard, table, Aeron chair (if I let him keep it :-) Could also use peacock stained glass floor lamp(s) in here.

  • guest room and guest bath: not sure, but maybe bring in the Moorish molding Pam has here? clawfoot tub, possibly painted on outside; white porcelain fixtures. A bit of pretty tilework for accent?

  • master bedroom: bone walls, four-poster king-size canopy bed with white or off-white drapes, red-gold Chinese wedding lantern

  • master bath: probably also white porcelain fixtures, clawfoot tub, but with separate shower (not very Victorian, but functional).
  • Kavi's room: orange below chair rail, yellow above, bright orange and pink decor, with blue and green accents

  • nursery: white furniture, green or blue walls

  • children's bath: keep it neutral, same white porcelain, clawfoot tub
  • playroom: castle-garden theme :-) hang castle tent Jed got them; maybe paint a mural with roses climbing up castle walls?

Whew. Okay, now I can go grade, hopefully.

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