Just a quick note to say…

Just a quick note to say all is well. Kev's parents were visiting for a while, and while they did a lot of helping and let us actually have some real meals, their visit did mean that we spent more time talking to them and less time online. I have over three hundred e-mails to catch up on at this point, but I'm not thinking about that yet.

I went back to teaching Tuesday, and class was fun and while I'm more than a bit sleep deprived in general, I think I can cope with this one class this fall and a bit of upcoming admin work. Being back full-time+ in the spring is more worrisome, but we'll worry about that when it happens; it's still three months away.

About ten boxes away from unpacked -- that's if you don't count the hundred+ boxes in the basement that we're not planning to unpack here at all (mostly book boxes).

And we've had lots of meetings with architects, contractors, interior designers, and are starting to narrow down on a plan for the house renovation. Another week or so and I think it'll be pretty solid and ready to move ahead. Exciting! Scary!

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