Just before the movers…

Just before the movers left here, the Elmwood people called and said that they would agree to a Tuesday closing, and would cover our extra moving/storage costs. We don't have it in writing yet, so who knows if that's actually a real offer; we're going to go look at some other houses tomorrow in any case. But maybe.


The movers are off with most of our stuff, and Kavi and Ellie are at Jarmila's for the night. I have a chat scheduled with my writing students, so am off to do that now and take a break from the house craziness. Then last loads of packing, so Kevin can run some things over to Daniel and Anne's, and cleaning.

1 thought on “Just before the movers…”

  1. Hang in there! When we bought our place, the deal was about to collapse entirely due to a title irregularity (and we were going to make an offer on our second choice instead). The sellers managed to salvage things over Thanksgiving weekend and the sale went through.

    Stressful, but if you get the house you want, possibly worth it.

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