Went in to the doctor’s…

Went in to the doctor's office this morning for check-up plus level 1 gestational diabetes test. Nasty orange drink to down, followed by hour of wooziness, no fun. We'll see what comes back; I'm kind of expecting that I'll fail this like I did last time, and will have to do the full three-hour horrible test, the one that made me faint last time. But no point in stressing about that now; we'll see what happens.

On the housing front, we are in the midst of inspection negotiations on the Elmwood house. They're fixing several of the smaller issues. Our inspector and the homeowners are in disagreement on the seriousness of some of the major issues. Which is perhaps typical? I don't know -- I haven't been through this process before. Hopeful that it will all work out; we should have a decision one way or another by tomorrow. In the interim, still packing.

If things fall apart, I think the tentative plan is to go back to the Mad Hatter house and make another offer, and if that fails, just rent until spring and see what houses come on the market again. In some sense, that might be the 'best' long-term solution, since housing prices still seem to be dropping, and we might be able to get the best deal on a house that way. But much hassle and uncertainty. Sigh. Hopefully it won't come to that.

In the interim, here's a funny:

And a charming video to make you laugh and maybe cry, courtesy Haddayr:

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  1. I think some wrangling about inspection results is pretty common.

    Having a backup plan that isn’t ideal, but which you’re comfortable falling back to, is really good, because it makes it much less likely that you’ll do something out of desperation that you’ll end up regretting later. :^/

    Here’s hoping it all goes well!

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