Well, apparently I can…

Well, apparently I can tell my brain we're taking a break from house stuff all I want -- it doesn't listen. I just woke up from a dream in which I'd moved our furniture into two rooms of the Victorian, and all of my friends were standing around saying how great it looked in there! Hilarious. :-)

We have our inspection set for Monday at 5 p.m.; assuming all goes well, we're going to just pay up front to inspect the Mad Hatter on Wednesday, starting at 9 a.m. I have to admit, it feels a little weird saying that, since so very many of my friends seems to strongly prefer the Beautiful Gunderson, but ah well. We may end up there yet. We'll see what the inspection reveals.

Kevin and I did end up playing Agricola last night; two rounds of it. We might well play again this afternoon, because I still feel like I'm learning the somewhat complicated rules, and I want to play until I have a good sense of the game in my head. He won both times, but not by too much, so I'm not utterly discouraged yet. (As opposed to when we play chess, which we haven't done in at least a decade because he's just so much better than me that it's not funny.) It was fun, and I'd recommend the game. But I'm not sure it beats out either Settlers of Catan or War of the Rings. :-)

If Kavi allows it, I might try playing a solo game this morning while Kevin is sleeping. Hone my Agricola skills, and then I will stomp him, haha!

But I really have to answer some e-mails first. I've essentially ignored them all except for super-urgent house stuff since Kriti. Just couldn't make myself even look at them. I think I've been in rather desperate need of a vacation, and when my brain saw an opportunity to shut down, it took it. My brain is unruly.

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  1. I only played War Of The Ring once, but it seemed like a pretty hardcore strategy game — a somewhat different category than Settlers or Agricola. Did I misjudge it? (Not impossible, from one play. :^)

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