They countered our…

They countered our counter, coming up another $5K. Not much, but something, so I feel at least vaguely justified in having tried for more. I don't think this buyer is going to come up any further, so it's a choice between the offer on the table, and waiting to see if more offers come through. The next two weeks of June are usually fairly active realty-wise, but early July is apparently dead on the market, so there's a good chance that if we don't take this, it'll be at least a month or more before another offer. Average market time around here is six-to-nine months.

The question is, is it worth it to us to wait for an offer that's closer to what we think our place is actually worth, which might well take half a year or notably more, or are we willing to take the loss in order to move on with our lives and get the move hopefully done before the next baby comes along? Not sure.

4 thoughts on “They countered our…”

  1. If you are in the fortunate position of being able to move on with your life without getting what you think your loft is worth (which is not necessarily what its worth in this market) I would just do that. you don’t know if the economy is going to sink further and you also don’t know if another month means a lowball offer as well.

  2. I’m guessing y’all have figured this in, but: if it takes six more months to sell, how much will that cost you in interest and property taxes? And does adding that amount to the current offer make it look more attractive?

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