Love in a time of pandemic

I’m just here to say that watching a pretty sweet (and complicated) romantic comedy (Valentine’s Day, on Netflix) starring SO MANY famous people, while playing Terraforming Mars with¬†Jed¬†remotely, was just about enough to distract me from coronavirus for a few hours.

Why *is* Julia Roberts so damn charming, anyway? I honestly don’t know, and yet, there it is. I guess that’s what they call star power.

Be patient with your people, and yourselves.

This morning, I snipped at Kevin a little about messing up the counter I’d *just* cleaned, and he snapped at me back, and I think we were both quite angry for a moment, angry out of all proportion to the actual offense.

We made up almost immediately, and I ended up picking up some apology flowers for him at the grocery store — I think this might be the first time (28 or so years in?) I’ve actually bought him flowers. We’re all good now, but it was weird. I think we are both very tired, and also, on some level, quite tense.

Be patient with your people, folks. Be patient with yourselves too.