Love in a time of pandemic

I’m just here to say that watching a pretty sweet (and complicated) romantic comedy (Valentine’s Day, on Netflix) starring SO MANY famous people, while playing Terraforming Mars with Jed remotely, was just about enough to distract me from coronavirus for a few hours.

Why *is* Julia Roberts so damn charming, anyway? I honestly don’t know, and yet, there it is. I guess that’s what they call star power.

Be patient with your people, and yourselves.

This morning, I snipped at Kevin a little about messing up the counter I’d *just* cleaned, and he snapped at me back, and I think we were both quite angry for a moment, angry out of all proportion to the actual offense.

We made up almost immediately, and I ended up picking up some apology flowers for him at the grocery store — I think this might be the first time (28 or so years in?) I’ve actually bought him flowers. We’re all good now, but it was weird. I think we are both very tired, and also, on some level, quite tense.

Be patient with your people, folks. Be patient with yourselves too.