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A Feast of Serendib

Dark roasted curry powder, a fine attention to the balance of salty-sour-sweet, wholesome red rice and toasted curry leaves, plenty of coconut milk and chili heat. These are the flavors of Sri Lanka.

In A Feast of Serendib, Mary Anne Mohanraj introduces her mother’s cooking and her own Americanizations, providing a wonderful introduction to Sri Lankan American cooking, straightforward enough for a beginner, and nuanced enough to capture the flavor of Sri Lankan cooking.

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East Coast Travel Question

It ended up being much cheaper to fly into Newark than into Bradley (about $1000 cheaper for three people), so we’re doing that, which means when we get to the East Coast, we’ll be getting a rental car and driving to my parents’ house in Connecticut. I’m going to need

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Black Hair Again

My hair is black again for this trip, temporarily, because my mom stresses out when I have grey or brightly colored hair. Otherwise, I probably was going to experiment with adding orange to the pink and silver, which would’ve looked awesome with this shirt. Well, maybe next autumn.

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Thanks, Science!

Going to CT for Ammama’s 70th birthday. First time for Anand in an airport in two years, first time for all of us to see my side of the family in two years. There will be hugging! Yay, vaccines! Thanks, science!

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Totally Charming Result

I’m not sure there’s a quicker candy than dipping fruit in chocolate (and drizzling more on top) — I love the bang-for-the-buck you get with it. V. low effort, totally charming result. Dried sour cherries dipped in dark chocolate, drizzled with ruby chocolate.  

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Cacti Blooming

I’d have to check the leaves against a chart to tell you which kind of cactus this is, but I’m guessing Thanksgiving cactus, given the timing.

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Mary Anne Mohanraj

Mary Anne Mohanraj is author of A Feast of Serendib, Bodies in Motion, The Stars Change, and twelve other titles. Other recent publications include stories for George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards series, Perennial: A Garden Romance (Tincture), stories at Clarkesworld, Asimov’s, and Lightspeed, and an essay in Roxane Gay’s Unruly Bodies.


Mohanraj founded Hugo-nominated and World Fantasy Award-winning speculative literature magazine Strange Horizons, and serves as Executive Director of both DesiLit ( and the Speculative Literature Foundation (  She is Clinical Associate Professor of fiction and literature at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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