First Forsythia Bloom

First forsythia bloom. My parents had a long hedge of forsythia between them and the neighbors, and it’s become an essential element of spring for me. Their blossoms are edible raw, though they can be slightly bitter — I might try to do something with them; I’m thinking forsythia honey syrup:

Saving Strawberries

I found a strawberry planter tipped over in the garden as I was cleaning up yesterday, and was glad to see that the strawberries seem to have survived just fine. I’ve tipped it back up, trimmed off the dead leaves, and moved it into a sunny spot, along with a new hanging basket of strawberries (from our local Good Earth garden store in Forest Park), and some more strawberries I need to pot up in that ceramic planter. Berries for days…

They say when you’re deciding what to plant in the edible garden, you should plant what you actually eat, and we go through berries as fast as we can afford to buy them in this house. Kavi is our strawberry fiend — Anand and Kevin tend to go for blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. I like ’em all.


One of my blueberry plants seems to have survived from last year — I’ve never had any luck with actually getting berries, though. I did get multiple plants last year (and I’ve got a few more ordered for this year, which are hopefully on their way), which I gather is necessary for cross-pollination? And I think I maybe need to amend my soil, which I didn’t do last year? Any other tips? My raspberries are completely trouble-free, but blueberries are a challenge for me!

Making a Break

Morning, people. I’ve been drowning a little in work, trying to get the semester started up again after break, and I admit, I’m very tired. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I think — if I work solidly through the morning, I think I can take a few hours to garden / cook / read / putter this afternoon, which will be very nice.

Probably more work in the evening, but that’s okay — it’s the morning + afternoon + evening work that was really wearing me out — I had about five days straight of it, mostly teaching-related (a lot of it catch-up because when coronavirus hit, I fell behind on grading). But almost through, whew, and it’s going to feel SO GOOD to be caught up.

Okay, coffee & breakfast, onwards.