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Garden Log 1/14/22

I have placed one of my seed catalog orders. 2 hours of happy perusing of seeds, with a British murder mystery playing in the background — is there a better way to spend a Friday night in January? I have bought FAR more seeds than I can possibly plant in my garden, but that’s the …

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Y’all, I think I might be losing it a little. I stopped by Good Earth today, and picked up a plant, and then I came home, and I planted it up, and…this is the wacky part, wait for it… …I wrote it a poem. ***** Schefflera My bathtub jungle is pleased to welcome a schefflera, …

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Garden Log 12/30/21

We came home from 10 days away, and I admit, I was holding my breath a little to see if my plants had survived. We’d hired a neighbor boy to water them, but he’s not a gardener, and I didn’t want to overwhelm him with detailed instructions, so I mostly just told him the minimum …

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Late Los Gatos Blooms

Still some late roses blooming too, in Los Gatos. I’m a little unclear on how gardening is interacting with watering restrictions during their current drought; I’m guessing that you can’t grow roses there without at least some supplemental water, but I don’t really know. I used to grow roses in Oakland, but it was so …

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Clinging On

Most of the Japanese maples have dropped their leaves by now in northern CA, but there are a few leaves still clinging on. Dramatic!