Your Last Day as President


I would like to sit down and ask you

seriously, were drones the best option,

the best way to avoid outright war,

or were you just willing to sacrifice

so many brown lives because it meant

not sending American soldiers into danger?

I have children too, can imagine a little

of how hard it must be, ordering someone

else’s children to risk their lives. Especially

when our country wasn’t directly

at risk. (Though in this interconnected

world, is there still a real difference

between direct risk and indirect?)

I would like to ask you to clarify

your thinking, would like to read all

the security briefings that were kept

secret from us (that maybe had to be kept

secret), because right now, those

drones seem unconscionable;

they attacked weddings, and hospitals,

and other people’s children. I find

that hard to understand or forgive.

And was there really no way

to close Guantanamo sooner,

and why did you deport more people

than any president before you?

Yes, I know it was a rising trend

you inherited, but the point is, you

didn’t turn it back. Couldn’t you have

fought harder for single payer,

Medicare-for-all? Our prisons are

a national shame, and so many

schools were still gutted under

your watch, so many children

went hungry. How did you sleep

at night, knowing that you weren’t

doing enough, that every day you

would fail to save even a fraction

of the people you went there to help?

And yet — this job, I imagine,

is impossible for even the best of us.

You were, I think, among the best of us.

You have been the best president of my lifetime.