The New Lamp


Nightmares all night, the stupid kind,

where you are late for class, or naked,

or chased by bears.  The day drags.

The thought of working makes me

weep, but somehow, I manage.  Children

are fed, rooms straightened, chaos

staved off for one more day.  I had

such plans for today, but some days,

maintaining is the best you can do.


I accomplished one thing.  A lamp, bought

weeks ago, finally installed, and a beanbag,

stolen from the playroom, tucked

underneath.  It was meant for a reading

nook in my daughter’s room, but she

does not love to read.  The child plays

pretend with her dolls, for hours on end.

Stories one way or another are fine

with me.  Stories and light.  What else

do we have, to drive out the dark?