Marriage Equality Day


Twenty-two years ago, I dated a girl

from Australia.  She was a grad student,

studying the philosophy of love.  She adored

the cold, and would come to America

on her summer break, escaping Melbourne

heat, trading it in for Chicago snowfalls.

We’d get three months together, and then

she’d be gone for another long year.


If I could have married that girl,

I would have thought about it

seriously.  That wasn’t an option back then,

and our lives diverged.  We’re happy now

on our separate paths, but there will always

be a question mark in the book of the past,

the children we might have raised together,

the wondering what-might-have-been.


Today, the laws of my land have finally

caught up to the strange, unruly laws

of the heart.  At least in part.  She is still

an ocean away, but if I could,

I would pull that girl into my arms,

would kiss her once again, in celebration

of what is now possible, for the memory

of what might have been.




June 26, 2015