Five Years Into It, She Considers

You weep. He may soon as well,

if you deliver that ultimatum,

weeping as you walk away.

Did you dream your wedding once?

Yards of ivory lace and roses

overflowing. Delicate gold

rings and unreasoning joy.

No partner in that young image. Weddings

aren’t for love — they know nothing of

stifled worries and silent patience,

cool hands on your fevered cheek

and a presence beside you

when you’re trudging through the muck.

To wed or not to wed?

The question that has torn apart

more lovers than any other in this,

our age of individuals.

Will you, too, sacrifice love

on the altar of an ivory dream?

Is it a wedding you desire still…

or a marriage?


M.A. Mohanraj

October 22, 1996