A Civilized Dinner (for Bill, who ate rice)

i brought out a small appetizer of these delicious rolls that my aunt

taught me of meat and potato chopped very fine and curried and wrapped

in crepes and rolled in egg and bread crumb and fried till golden

and then

some tandoori chicken baked in the oven which isn’t quite the same as

a tandoori oven, but you still get that gorgeous red like the brick

that it would have been baked in so long ago

plus a little

beef and potato curry, cooked for a long time so that the meat is very

tender and the juices have mixed with the curry powder and the milk

and the tomatoes to make a rich broth that flays your tongue and sends

the endorphins shooting to your brain, so you somehow think that pain

is pleasure

and rice of course

with gulab jaman for dessert; cheese balls soaked in a honey-syrup so

strong that more than two bites and you need almost as much water as

you drank with the beef to wash away the sweetness…

oh dear.

i hope you’re not a vegetarian.


M.A. Mohanraj

October 26, 1992