Literary Markets

This is a list I put together during my Ph.D. program, mostly for my own use, as I tried to figure out which markets to submit to.  Especially in mainstream lit., there are so many ‘little’ markets, that it can get overwhelming to sort through.  I kept it updated for a few years, but am no longer updating it; these days, I’m mostly writing longer works, or already know which markets I want to submit to.  I’m leaving it up as a historical record, and in case it’s still useful for those writers just starting out.  But there are lots of other submission guides online now that are much more currently updated.  This was last updated around 2005.

My main focus here is on fiction, but many of these literary/mainstream markets also publish poetry and nonfiction. Comments from anyone other than myself in “quotes”.

Tiered listings are followed by detailed market info. The tiering assessments are highly idiosyncratic, based on a combination of pay scale, reputation, and circulation; it’s rather difficult to tell which magazines are actually most prestigious.

Thanks to Ben Rosenbaum, Toiya K. Finley, Alan DeNiro, and Paul Ketzle for extensive market listing help.

— Mary Anne

Award Magazine Index

  • ($) — pays cash
  • (AG) — only agented subs
  • (SS) — simsub okay
  • (B) — consulted for Best American Short Stories
  • (O) — consulted for O. Henry Awards
  • (P) — consulted for Pushcart
  • (AW) — stories/poetry published have won awards
  • (NE) — open to novel excerpts
  • (SF) — accepts quasi-speculative, or surrealist, or stylistically
    experimental fiction



  • Other Voices ($)(NE)(O)(P)(B)(AW)(R)
  • Prairie Schooner
  • Quarterly West ($)(SS)(O)(P)(SF)
  • The Southern Review ($)(O)(AW)(NE)
  • The Threepenny Review ($)

    Fourth Tier

    Fifth Tier

    Not Yet Tiered

    The Markets

    • 96 INC.
      – biannualSend to:
      Vera Gold, Editor
      96 INC.
      P. O. Box 15559
      Boston, MA 02215

    • Absinthe
    • ACM (Another Chicago Magazine) – (R) – only reads from February 1 to August 31, simsub okay, up to 25 pages, prefers not “strictly genre”; no “inspirational” or religiousSend to:
      Another Chicago Magazine
      3709 North Kenmore
      Chicago, IL 60613
    • African American Review – quarterly; focus on African-American literature and
      culture; averages one short story per issueSend to:
      Joe Weixlmann, Editor
      Stalker Hall 213
      Indiana State University
      Terre Haute, IN 47809
    • AGNI – (NE) – poetry, fiction, essays, reviews; submit no more than one story or five poems; no e-mail subs; unsolicited nonfiction not ordinarily considered; simsubs okay; response time 2-4 months, $10/page, up to $150Send to:
      Askold Melnyczuk, Editor
      236 Bay Street Road
      Boston University Writing Program
      Boston, MA 02115

    • Alabama Literary Review
      – no juvenile/romance, stories average 3500 words, publishes at least
      annually, pays in copies, no notes in guidelines on reprints or
      simsubsSend to:
      Theron Montgomery, Chief Editor
      Alabama Literary Review
      Smith 253
      Troy State University
      Troy, AL 36082

    • Alaska Quarterly Review – (R)
      – short stories and novel excerpts in traditional and experimental styles (generally not exceeding 50 pages); no cover letter required — if you do send one, include pub. credits; responds within 1-3 months, submit between August 15 and May 15, simsub okay, but notifySend to:
      Alaska Quarterly Review
      University of Alaska Anchorage
      3211 Providence Drive
      Anchorage, AK 99508
    • The American Voice
      – 1/01 – ceased publication with No. 50, fall 1999
    • Antaeus
      pays $10/page
    • The
      Antioch Review

      – Editor: Robert S. Fogarty; Poetry Editor: Judith
      Hall; publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction; published quarterly; read
      from September 2 – end of May; prefers under 8000 (and under 5000
      better), no sim subSend to:
      The Antioch Review
      Antioch University
      150 E. South College St.
      Yellow Springs, OH 45387

    • The
      Artful Dodge
      – ($)(SF)
      — ($5/page and down)
    • Arts and Letters
      — ($10/page and down); reads from September to April 1st, up to 25
      pages, sim sub okaySend to:
      Arts & Letters Journal of Contemporary Culture
      Campus Box 89
      Georgia College & State University
      Milledgeville, GA 31061

    • The Asian Pacific
      American Journal

      – publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction; no e-mail
      subs; poetry (no more than 10 pages) / fiction and creative nonfiction
      (no more than 20 pages); include cover letter with brief bioSend to:
      The Asian Pacific American Journal
      The Asian American Writers’ Workshop
      37 St. Marks Place, Suite B
      New York, NY 10003-7801

    • The Atlantic Monthly

      – regularly has stories chosen for Best American Short
      Stories; publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry; no e-mail subs; send
      two to six unpublished poems to the attention of Peter Davison, Poetry
      Editor; Senior Editor C. Michael Curtis; monthly, circ. 500,000Send to:
      The Atlantic Monthly
      77 North Washington Street
      Boston, MA 02114
    • The Barcelona Review
      — up to 4000 words, responds in 1-2 monthsSend electronically to:Jill Adamas, Editor
      Correu Vell 12-2
      Barcelona, SPAIN 08002

    • Black Warrior Review
      pays up to $150 for fiction, $75 for poems; awards
      $500 each to a fiction writer and a poet that they’ve published in the
      previous year; published biannually, circ. 2000; manuscripts read year
      round; simsubs okay, fiction under 7500, 5-7 poems/sub, one sub/envelope;
      short book reviews (under 1000 words)Send to:
      Black Warrior Review
      P.O. Box 862936
      Tuscaloosa, AL 35486-0027

    • The Boston

      – publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction; From Jodi Daynard, fiction editor:
      “I’m looking for stories that are emotionally and intellectually
      substantive and also interesting on the level of language. Things that are
      shocking, dark, lewd, comic, or even insane are fine so long as the
      fiction is controlled and puposeful in a masterly way. Subtlety, delicacy
      and lyricism are attractive too.” Work should be polished–clearly
      revised, grammatical, proofread. Length should be no less than 1,200 and
      no more than 5,000 words.” Send all poetry submissions to Mary Jo Bang
      and Timothy Donnelly, poetry editors. Buys first serial rights, no
      reprints, simul subs okay with notification, no email subs;
      pay varies; response time 6-8 weeks.Send to:
      Boston Review
      E53-407 MIT
      Cambridge, MA 02139

    • Boulevard
      (SS)(P)(O)(NE)(R – does not read April 1 – October 1)
      – up to 30 pgs, responds in 1-4 weeks, sim sub okay, but notifySend to:
      Boulevard Magazine
      6614 Clayton Rd
      Box 325
      Richmond Heights, MOÂ 63117
    • Cafe Irreal($)(SF)
      – (1 c/word), 2000 words and under ,magical realism, surrealist speculative
      fiction, 2 month RT
    • Callaloo
      — African diaspora, buys ALL rights!
    • Cappers – ($)
      – pays $75-$300, circ. 240,000
    • Chelsea
      pays $5/page
    • Chicago

      – out of The University of Chicago, my alma mater. Publishes
      fiction, poetry and nonfiction; no sim subs; no e-mail subs; no
      length requirement (poetry prefers 3-7 pgs; fiction/nonfiction average
      around 20 pgs); pays in 3 copies plus subscription;
      average response time three months; published quarterly.Send to:
      [genre] Editor
      Chicago Review
      5801 S. Kenwood
      Chicago, IL 60637
    • Columbia
      “Edited solely by graduate students of Columbia University’s MFA program,
      Columbia is a bi-annual
      literary journal featuring nonfiction, fiction,
      poetry and a full-color, curated art section. The bi-annual change in
      staff allows us to continually engage with new literature and art. We have
      published nonfiction by authors such as Italo Calvino, John D’Agata and
      Lorrie Moore; poetry by Robert Pinsky, Lucille Clifton, and Jack Gilbert;
      fiction by Raymond Carver, Gary Lutz, Jonathan Lethem and Ha Jin; and art
      from Kara Walker and Nan Goldin, along with many others. We have also
      featured interviews with authors such as Allen Ginsberg and Phillip
    • Confrontation – (NE)
      pays $20 – $250; Martin Tuck,
      Editor-in-Chief, responds in 1-2 months, up to 3000 wordsSend to:
      Jonna Smeks, Associate Editor
      English Dept.
      C.W. Post Campus of Long Island Univ.
      Brookville, NY 11548
    • Conjunctions
      – published twice a year; huge magazine; Bradford Morrow, Editor; no
      stated policy on sim subsSend to:
      Bard College
      Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504

    • Crab Orchard
      ($)(SS)(NE)(P)(O)(R), sim sub okay, but notify; only reads January –
      May (May to November for Spring/Summer special issue, different each
      year, check page)
    • Crazyhorse (SF)(SS)(O)
      – up to 35 pages, 5 week RTSend to:
      College of Charleston
      Dept. of English
      66 George Street
      Charleston, SC 29424

    • Double Take
      — on hiatus until 1/04 at least, financial trouble
    • Epoch – (NE)
      pay varies, responds in 1-2 months, read 9/15 –
      4/15, no sim subsSend to:

      Joseph Martin, Senior Editor
      251 Goldwin Smith Hall
      Cornell University
      Ithaca, NY 14853

    • Esquire
      – up to 8000 words, responds in 1-4 weeksSend to:
      Hearst Corp.
      1790 Broadway
      New York NY 10019
      Editor: David Granger

    • Eureka Literary Magazine
      – “We publish fiction and poetry, and will consider creative nonfic if
      it’s good (approx. 5-8 new authors per year). We pay in 2 contributors’
      copies to the author, alas no more. We can be reached at:”Eureka College
      300 East College Ave.
      Eureka, IL 61530

    • Exquisite Corpse
      – accepts e-mail subs as RTF’s, no sim subs, under 15 pages
    • Fence – (SF)
    • Fiction
      ($)(SF)(SS)(O)(B)(P)(AW)(R — does not read June-Aug.)
      – $114 and up, (circ. 4,500), up to 5000 words, sim sub okay but
    • Five Points ($)(R
      — does not read April 30 – Sept 1)
      – prefers under 7500 but will consider longer; one story/sub, pays
      $15/page, no sim subsSend to:
      Five Points
      Georgia State University
      University Plaza
      Atlanta, GA 30303-3083

    • The Georgia

      – publishes nonfiction (“We are seeking creative personal essays and
      informed, thesis-oriented essays that view their subjects against a broad
      perspective–provocative work that can engage both the intelligent general
      reader and the specialist. For the most part we are not interested in
      scholarly articles.”), poetry and fiction (“We seek the very best work
      whether by Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners or by little-known
      (or even previously unpublished) writers.”). No novel excerpts or
      translations; response time 2-3 months; no reprints or sim subs;
      submit one story, one essay or 3-5 poems; reading period September-May; no
      e-mail subs; purchases first serial rights; pays minimum
      $40/printed page for prose and $3/line for poetry
      .Send to:
      The Georgia Review
      The University of Georgia
      Athens, Georgia

    • The
      Gettysburg Review
      – sim subs okay, notify
      – reads 9/1 – 5/31Send to:
      Peter Stitt, Editor
      The Gettysburg Review
      Gettysburg College
      Gettysburg, PA 17325-1491

      – (NE)
      pays $500 for first pub and onetime anthology rights;
      send manuscripts in January, April, July and October; “please, no story
      fragments, poetry, children’s stories, or nonfiction”; also runs short
      story contests ($1200/$500/$300); 1200-7500 words (web guidelines say up
      to 10,000); pays on acceptance; no sim subs
      — I looked at their Summer ’99 issue; I liked the stories quite a bit.
      Mid-to-long lengths, with heart. Definite emotion.

      Send to:
      Glimmer Train Press, Inc.
      710 SW Madison Street
      Suite 504
      Portland, Oregon 97205

    • Granta
      – “The only literary type magazine I subscribe to is Granta, a British
      paperback format quarterly that publishes mostly longish pieces of
      contemporary fiction and journalism. I guess they publish maybe 8 stories
      a year or so, and recent contributers have included John Barth, Martin
      Amis, T. C. Boyle, Vikram Seth, Paul Theroux, and Salman Rushdie. In other
      words, competition is stiff.” (MS) Published quarterly, pays “up to” 5000
      pounds), circ. 90,000
      – remember to include IRC for SASE or e-mail address if manuscript
      Send to:
      The Editor
      2-3 Hanover Yard
      Noel Road
      London N1 8BE
      United Kingdom

    • GQ – ($)(AG)– couldn’t find any guidelines online

    • Happy
      – (circ. 500), up to 6000 words, responds in 1-4 weeks, pays 1 c/wordSend to:
      Bayard, Editor
      240 E. 35th Street
      Suite 11A
      New York, NY 10016

    • Harpers
      – “Harper’s is a magazine for clever people and they publish
      clever fiction. The average Harper’s story is short and funny, the New
      Yorker piece is short and puzzling, and the Granta piece is probably long
      and depressing.” (AE) Accepts unsolicited fiction only; not
      poetry or articles. Publishes 12 stories/year, circ. 216,000.
      – no sim subs, no manuscripts over 30 pages, only rarely publishes
      unsolicited work, 4-6 week response timeSend to:
      Harper’s Magazine
      666 Broadway
      New York, NY 10012

    • Harpur Palate
      ($)(SF)(NE)(SS)(O)(P)(R – reading periods: Aug 1 – Oct 15 and Jan 1 – Mar
      – ($5/page and down), literary mainstream, literary genre and
      experimental fiction up to 8000 words with emphasis on both story and
      style, sponsors fiction and poetry contests, sim sub okay if notified,
      accepts up to 5 fiction pieces at a time?
      – 3/20 update: “award-winning publication with stories accepted by Best
      of the Rest 3 and Best American Mystery Stories”Send to:
      Dept. of English
      Binghamton University
      P.O. Box 6000
      Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

    • The
      Harvard Review

      – published twice a yearSend to:
      The Harvard Review
      Lamont Library
      Cambridge, MA 02138

    • Hayden’s
      Ferry Review
      – (NE)
      – $25/page, responds in 6-10 weeks, does not specify re sim subSend to:
      Fiction Editor
      P.O. Box 871502
      Tempe, AZ 85287

    • Implosion
      – circ. 18,000
    • Indiana

      ($)(NE)(SS)(O)(P)(R — does not read mid Dec – mid Jan)
      – ($5/page and down), sim subs okay
    • Iowa

      pays $10/page; triannual; David Hamilton, Editor,
      reads from September to March; all other work returned unread, responds
      within three months (but mid-winter break from mid-Dec to mid-Jan),
      prefers no sim subs, also considers HTML subs; no pay; submit on disk or
      direct them to pageSend to:
      Iowa Review
      308 English/Philosophy Building
      University of Iowa
      Iowa City, IA 52242-1492

    • The Kenyon

      pays $30-$40/page; no reprints or sim subs;
      publishes fiction and essays (up to 7500 words), poetry (up to 10 pgs),
      plays (up to 35 pgs), excerpts (up to 35 pgs) from longer works and
      translations of poetry and short prose (original language work must
      accompany the translation and translator is responsible for author
      permission); no e-mail subs; reading period September-March; response time
      up to four monthsSend to:
      The Kenyon Review
      Gambier, OH 43022
    • Lorraine and James
      – “LORRAINE AND JAMES is a literary journal whose mission is to till the
      urban landscape in search of new writers and give attention to the
      noncommercial work of established writers from the United States and
      around the globe. It is our intent that through this process we will act
      as a conduit though which a writer from anywhere can connect with readers
      everywhere.””LORRAINE AND JAMES is looking for original, unpublished short fiction,
      creative non-fiction and poetry for its inaugural issue. Women writers
      from around the world are encouraged to submit. Payment ranges from $50
      to $200 plus copies. Submission details at”

    • Mad Hatters’ Review:
      Edgy & Englightened Literature, Art & Music in the Age of Dementia
    • Malahat Review
      – (NE)
      – responds in up to 3 months, circ. 1,200, does not specify re sim
      subs, up to 20 pages preferredSend to:
      Editor, Malahat Review
      P.O. Box 1700
      STN CSC
      Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2

    • Massachusetts Review
      – (SF) ($50/story)
      – up to 25-30 pages preferred
      – does not read 6/1 – 10/1Send to:
      Editorial Office
      South College
      University of Massachusetts
      Amherst, MA 01003

    • McSweeney’s – (SF)
      – “Irrepressibly wacky and bizarre” (Ben Rosenbaum); print mag is closed
      to subs, but their internet zine is open
    • Michigan
      Avenue Review

      – “Every new artistic endeavor comes with a new challenge. We’ll
      tighten those challenges. Each online issue of Michigan Avenue Review
      will be themed…specifically themed…very specifically themed. We may
      want all submissions to in some way relate to pine cones. Or perhaps ice
      cream. Maybe a paperclip? So send us your best, and make sure they are
      directly or adjacently attached to our choice theme in form and/or
      content. Spring: The spring issue will focus on urban matters. Any
      creative and provocative work with an urban focus, overtone, flavor,
      smell, or sprinkle will be considered. Fall: The fall issue’s theme is
      spherical objects. From cheese puffs to atoms, marbles to planets, send
      us your finest spherical
      Full guidelines:
    • Michigan
      Quarterly Review

      – publishes fiction (1500-7000 words) and poetry; no sim subs;
      response time six weeks; no e-mail subsSend to:
      Michigan Quarterly Review
      University of Michigan
      3032 Rackham Graduate School
      915 E Washington Street
      Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1070

    • Mid-American
      – (O)
      pays $10/page up to $50; George
      Looney, Editor-in-Chief; biannual, fiction, poetry, translations and
      nonfiction, response time 1-4 months (longer in summer), yes simsubs, no
      reprints, “Mid-American Review considers work that is character- and/or
      language-oriented without sacrificing narrative. We are open to
      submissions from new and established authors, both traditional and
      experimental work, including short-shorts, but discourage genre
      fiction. MAR considers pieces up to 25 pages in length; authors
      wishing to submit longer manuscripts or novel excerpts should query
      first with SASE.”, also two fiction contests, interested in grad student
      writingSend to:
      Fiction Editor: Michael Czyzniejewski
      Mid-American Review
      Dept. of English
      Bowling Green State University
      Bowling Green, OH 43403

    • The Mississippi Review
      From the editor:
      “Mississippi Review is available in two editions, one in print and one
      online. The two editons have the same editor but largely different
      content. We pay in copies most time, but also sponsor an annual contest
      with prizes of $1000 for fiction and poetry, we are consulted for all the
      major prize anthologies (in fact we’re right there in your O’Henry list),
      we’ve been in business 33 years, and we publish both well known and
      emerging writers.
      Mississippi Review, one of the most highly regarded literary magazines in
      the nation, and a magazine that was recently referenced in Writer’s
      Digest as the fifth most important and influential on-line publication,
      and which, in 1995, was named by GNN as the first winner in its national
      competition for web sites in the category Professional Literary
      Magazine.Mississippi Review is a widely recognized literary magazine that has and
      continues to publish National Book Award winners, Pulitzer Prize winners,
      National Book Critics Circle winners. It’s a magazine which Ann Beattie
      characterized as ‘Among the best small magazines being published,’ and
      of which perhaps the most famous American author of the second half of
      the century, Raymond Carver, who was an occasional contributor, said,
      ‘MR is one of the most remarkable and indispensable literary journals of
      our time.’ Long-time Southern writer David Madden commented that
      ‘Mississippi Review has become a vital and significant publication, as
      good as any, and right here in the South, right there in Mississippi.’
      And the Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Charles Simic, himself a contributor
      to MR, said, ‘Mississippi Review is probably one of the best magazines
      in the country.’ Finally, the late John Hawkes, former head of the
      writing program at Brown University and a remarkable writer and prize
      winner in his own right, said, ‘Yours is among the truly sustaining
      literary publications in the country today.'”

    • The Missouri

      – ‘general literary interest with a distinctly contemporary orientation’;
      publishes 3
      times a year; poetry, fiction and nonfiction — clearly mark the outer
      envelope with genre; do not mix genres in the same sub; no reprints; 10-12
      wk response time. Poetry features only — 6-14 pages by each of 3-5 poets
      per issue; pay varies; Tom
      McAfee award
      chosen from regular subs for poets who have not yet
      published a book — additional cash award. Fiction — no length
      restrictions, but “flash fictions” rarely accepted; William Peden
      chosen from regular stories published in mag, $1000, circ.
      6,800.Send to:
      [genre] Editor
      The Missouri Review
      1507 Hillcrest Hall
      University of Missouri-Columbia
      Columbia, MO 65211

    • New England Review
      – $10/page, reads 9/1 – 5/31, up to 30 pages, sim sub okay but notifySend to:
      Fiction Editor
      New England Review
      Middlebury College
      Middlebury, VT 05753

    • New Virginia Review
      – has been replaced by an excellent online publication called
    • The New

      – Bill Buford, Fiction Editor; weekly with special fiction
      issues in June and December; no simsubs or reprints; responds in three
      months; buys poetry as well, circ. 750,000, no attachments — send as
      plain text in body of e-mail, no more than one story or six poems at
      one time, prefers to receive no more than two submissions per writer
      per year, and generally won’t reply to more
      — “The New Yorker publishes highbrow fiction for highbrow people.”
      (AE)Send to:

    • New
      York Stories
      – ($)(SS)(R – does not read
      June – Aug)
      – prefers under 5000 words, likes psychological stories and dark
      humor, likes stories set in NY, sim subs okay, ($100-$1000)Send to:
      Daniel Caplice Lynch, Editor
      New York Stories
      English Department
      LaGuardia Community College, E-103
      31-10 Thomson Ave.
      Long Island City, NY 11101

      Noo Journal
      “We publish short fiction, poetry, political essays and art, especially
      photography. We pay in 2 contributors copies and exposure to an
      enthusiastic audience of readers in Northern California and Southern
      Oregon. Please see for full

    • North American
      (B)(O)(P)(AW)(R – reads fiction from Jan 1 – Apr 1)(SF)
      – circ. 4,000
    • The
      Notre Dame Review

      – ($)
    • Oasis
      – $5/page and down, responds in 1-4 weeksSend to:
      Neal Storrs, Editor
      P.O. Box 626
      Largo, FL 33779
    • The Ohio Review – (R — Sept – May)
      – published twice a yearSend to:
      The Ohio Review
      Ellis Hall
      Ohio University
      Athens, OH 45701-2979
    • Open City ($)(SF)(SS)
    • Other Voices
      ($)(O)(P)(B)(AW)(R – reading period Oct 1 – Apr 1)
      – $5/page and down, up to 30 pages, responds in 10-12 weeksSend to:
      Lois Hauselman
      Other Voices
      University of Illinois at Chicago
      601 S. Morgan St.
      Chicago, IL 60607

    • The Paris

      – pays “up to” $1000
      – sim sub okay
      Send to:
      Fiction Editor
      The Paris Review
      541 E. 72 Street
      New York, NY 10021
    • Philadelphia Stories
      – only open to authors from the Delaware Valley / Greater Philadelphia
      area ((N. Jersey, S.E. PA and Delaware.)
      – pays a small honorarium to authors published both in print and on the
      web; detailed guidelines on site
      Send to:
      Carla Spataro, Fiction Editor
      2021 S. 11th Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19148
    • Playboy – ($)(SF)
      – circ. 3,300,000, has taken SF, but *not* experimental fiction, no
      stated policy on sim sub, responds in 8-10 weeks, only up to 5000 words

    • Ploughshares
      – (NE)
      – regularly has stories selected for Best American Short
      Stories; publishes lots of poetry as well as some prose. Complex; rich
      stories — no easy answers.
      – Submit from Aug 1 – Mar 31; no specific themes; mail one prose
      piece and/or 1-3 poems at a time (mail genres separately); no e-mail subs;
      occasionally publish essays/self-contained novel excerpts; no more than a
      total of two submissions per reading period! Address to Fiction
      Editor/Poetry Editor/Nonfiction Editor. Expect 3-5 months
      response time; simultaneous subs okay if indicated as such and
      notify immediately if accepted elsewhere; no reprints! Pays
      $25/printed page, $50 minimum per title, $250 maximum per author, with two
      copies of the issue and a one-year subscription (rates will be lower in
      , up to 30 pgs.
      Published three times a year.Send to:
      Fiction Editor
      Emerson College
      120 Boylston St.,
      Boston, MA 02116-4624

    • Prairie

      – reads Sept 1 – May 1send to:
      Fiction Editor
      Prairie Schooner
      201 Andrews Hall
      University of Nebraska
      Lincoln, NE 68588-0334

    • Quarterly West
      – circ. 1,800
    • Redbook ($)(AG)
      – circ. 3,200,000, currently (9/03) not accepting unsolicited fiction
    • Santa Monica Review (SF)
    • Saturday Evening
      ($)- “Although we seldom publish new fiction, our readers enjoy upbeat
      stories that stress traditional relationships and family values. A light,
      humorous touch is appreciated. We are also always in need of straight
      humor articles. Make us laugh and we’ll buy it.”
      – sim sub okay

    • Scruffy Dog Review
      “A bi-monthly electronic literary magazine offering the best of both
      traditional and eclectic flash fiction, poetry, short stories,
      screenplays and book reviews.”
    • Seventeen – ($)
      – circ. 2,500,000
    • ShenandoahSend to:
      R.T. Smith, Editor
      Mattingly House
      2 Lee Avenue
      Washington & Lee University
      Lexington VA 24450

    • Son and Foe
      Online journal of short fiction, poetry, and art. Full Guidelines. They
      accept both genre and non-genre fiction, and pay 5 cents/word for fiction,
      with a limit of $500.
    • The Southern
      – ($)(O)(AW)
      pays $12/page – James Olney, Dave Smith, Editors;
      quarterly (NE), up to 15,000 words, responds in 1-4 weeks, no position
      on sim subsSend to:
      43 Allen Hall
      Louisiana State University
      Baton Rouge, LA 70803-5005
    • Story
      — suspended publication; no longer accepting manuscripts
    • The Sun
      – (NE)
      – pays $300-500, up to 7000 words, responds in 3 months, circ. 31,000,
      no sim subsSend to:
      Sy Safransky, Editor
      The Sun
      107 N. Roberson St.
      Chapel Hill, NC 27516

    • Third
      – (SF)
      – sim sub okay, pays in copies, up to 9000 words (query if longer)Send to:
      Fiction Editor
      Third Coast
      Department of English
      Western Michigan University
      Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5092

    • The
      Threepenny Review

      – pays $200, only accepts up to 4000 words, responds in 1-4 weeks (circ.
      9000)Send to:
      Wendy Lesser, Editor
      P.O. Box 9131
      Berkeley, CA 94709

    • Tin House
      – ($)(SS)(SF)(O)(AW)
      — pays $100-$800, sim subs okay but notifySend to:
      Submissions Editor
      P.O. Box 10500
      Portland, OR 97296-0500
    • Troika – ($)
      — pays $250 max, circ. 100,000
    • Vestal Review ($) (SF)
      — purchases flash fiction, up to 500 words, full guidelines on site,
      accepts SF, but not hard SF
    • Virginia
      Quarterly Review

      — pays $10/page, no sim subsSend to:
      Ted Genoways, Editor
      One West Range
      P.O. Box 400223
      Charlottesville, VA 22904-4223

    • The Yale

      – published quarterly, pays $300-400, circ. 7000, no policy on sim
      subs statedSend to:
      Yale University
      P.O. Box 208243
      New Haven, CT 06520-8243
    • Yankee –
      — 1/12/03 update – no longer publishing fiction or poetry

    • Yaoi Press
      PAY: $200-$250 for a 20 page script
      “Yaoi Press publishes graphic novels. These are thick, soft-cover,
      digest-sized comic books. Our books are drawn in the Japanese “manga”
      style. Our stories all fall into a niche Japanese genre called ‘yaoi’
      that is popular with women in the United States. Yaoi is romantic stories
      about guys in love with other guys for women readers. We need graphic
      novel script writers. We’re hoping some polished fiction writers will
      consider making the leap into something different. Please research the
      genre of yaoi online before you submit. It’s not the same as gay fiction.
      Payment is $10-$15 per graphic novel page depending on your professional
      published credits. A full-length graphic novel is 100-120 pages. We also
      publish shorter bonus stories of 20-60 pages. Sample scripts available
      upon request. Please read our submissions guidelines carefully:”
    • Zoetrope: All-Story
      – closed to subs until Feb 2002
      – it accepts anytime after Aug. 31st and before June 1st. They pay
      $1,200, and accept 32-40 stories a year. They word count cut off is at
      7,000 words, they buy first serial with film option, and take queries with
      an SASE and a full manuscript, circ. 40,000, sim sub okay.Send to:
      Fiction Editors
      Zoetrope: All-Story
      The Sentinel Building
      916 Kearny Street
      San Francisco, CA 94133
      Phone # 415-788-7500

    • Zyzzyva — “They frequently publish first-time writers. I think they publish a
      large volume of fiction compared to some of the really high-paying
      markets. I don’t know how well Zyzzyva pays, but they do get good stuff.”
      — Detailed guidelines on their web page; West Coast writers/artists only
      (currently living in AK ,HI, WA, OR, or CA); no e-mail subs,
      no sim subs, pays $50 plus copies; poetry,
      fiction, nonfiction; buys one-time plus nonexclusive electronic; I liked
      what I read of the excerpts on the web page, any length, responds in
      1-4 weeks

      Send to:
      Howard Junker, Editor
      41 Sutter Street
      PMB 1400
      San Francisco, CA 94104