Camelot: The Very Secret Diaries

Info for Writers

We've pretty much doing this first-come, first-served; if you find this page and want to write a diary, e-mail me and let me know who you want to do. If it's a major character and I don't already know your writing, I may ask you to do a sample diary first so I can see that you're at least minimally competent. But mostly, anyone who wants to can play. This should not be taken too seriously!

If you're not already obsessed with the Matter of Britain (aka, the Arthurian cycle), you might want to take a look at various source materials, including Malory, Chretien de Troyes, and Tennyson; the only other major source is White's The Once and Future King, not yet in public domain. They're all terrific stories, though book 1 of the Malory gets a bit bogged down in smiting. Karen also sent along this resource and says that it offers: "Malory online complete with headers, headers extremely useful, also possible to bring up entire text in one piece." You can find volume 2 here.

If all that sounds too intimidating and you still want to play, you could either be one of the random knights and make up your own knightly adventures, or you could ask me for a plot synopsis for a character that appeals to you. This is supposed to be fun, and the lovely thing about the Arthur stories is that everyone makes up their own...

And yes, that means they're not always consistent. Live with it. :-)

Please note that you can either e-mail the entries to me (ideally in plain text) for formatting and upload, or, if you're comfortable with ftp and html, you can ask me for the remote ftp login and password to this area. You have to solemnly vow to only make changes to your files, though -- no one else's characters, and not the main index page. And however you send them in, please keep a saved copy of your most current entries, just in case someone accidentally writes over your entry while editing. I save occasionally, but no guarantees I'll have your latest version.

Info for Readers

See "not always consistent" above. :-)

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