The CD’s

In 2002, I took some time with a friendly recording studio guy and made up two CD’s of me reading my work. Morningsong is mostly erotica (and also mostly stories), while Esthely Blue is a more romantic CD, with lots of mushy poems. Zak Jarvis designed some gorgeous covers for them, and we produced a limited edition of 500 copies each. They’re currently not available for purchase, but may be again in the future.

In the meantime, I’ve made all of the pieces separately downloadable, so you can take a listen and see if you like them. And if you like, you can download each CD as an entire set. If you choose to go that route, I’m asking that you consider these effectively shareware, and that you pay $5 for each downloaded CD.
Thanks, and enjoy!


(the sexy one: mostly stories)

Download entire CD (45.7 MB)

  1. blind download (6 MB)
  2. a jewel of a womandownload (4.9 MB)
  3. you’ll understand when you’re older, dear — download (900 K)
  4. japanese gardendownload (8.5 MB)
  5. letter found near a suicidedownload (4.2 MB)
  6. with ocean waiting belowdownload (2.1 MB)
  7. morningsongdownload (4.3 MB)
  8. god’s bodydownload (2.4 MB)
  9. kalidownload (10.9 MB)
  10. confessions of a 26-year-old female porn writerdownload (3.9 MB)
  11. fleeing godsdownload (7.5 MB)
  12. the ongoing adventures of gorgeous graciedownload (7.5 MB)

Esthely Blue

(the romantic one: mostly poems)

Download entire CD (50.3 MB)

  1. and the sea is shaking…download (1.6 MB)
  2. dreams of a loverdownload (1.9 MB)
  3. renewaldownload (1 MB)
  4. her body awakeneddownload (1.7 MB)
  5. poem for a universitydownload (2.8 MB)
  6. lessonsdownload (700 K)
  7. letterdownload (2.5 MB)
  8. one week after departuredownload (760 K)
  9. systematic pressuredownload (1.8 MB)
  10. chorusdownload (2 MB)
  11. return visitdownload (1.4 MB)
  12. spinning downdownload (1 MB)
  13. invocationdownload (1.1 MB)
  14. the bones, they want to flydownload (1.9 MB)
  15. johnny’s storydownload (11.5 MB)
  16. cobalt bluedownload (1.1 MB)
  17. last nightdownload (1 MB)
  18. thoughts before going to bed, alone — download (1 MB)
  19. fringesdownload (1.2 MB)
  20. feastingdownload (1.5 MB)
  21. commutingdownload (800 K)
  22. esthely bluedownload (30.2 MB)
  23. sitting under a tree, in the raindownload (670 K)

Remember, if you download a CD, please send in $5 (which will help cover my storage and bandwidth costs for all these files :-). If you only want to download a partial set, please use your own judgement to decide how much is appropriate. Thanks!