The couple lies intertwined. His left hand rests casually on a small
right breast; her hands are pressed against a slightly hairy chest. Dim
light falls on them through a white-curtained window above the queen-size
bed, creating odd shadows in the curve of young bodies.

HE: “What are you thinking?”

SHE: “Nothing much. Why?”

HE: “You have a funny look on your face.”

SHE: “I was just thinking how much I like this.”

HE: “Like what, exactly?”

SHE: “How much I like the feel of your rough hair against the palms of my
hands. And my thigh between your legs. And…”

HE: “And?”

SHE: “And your cock pressing against my stomach.”

HE: “You like that?”

SHE: “Yes.”

HE: “Good. What else do you like? What do you want me to do to you?”

She hesitates.

HE: “C’mon…tell me.”

SHE: “I’d really like it if…”

HE: “Yes?”

SHE: “If you started to play with my breast. Not just the nipple…if
you took my whole breast in your hand, and squeezed it, and rubbed it.
After you do that for a while, it gets so sensitive…then when you touch
the nipple, it’s like there’s a current running right through me.”

HE: “And after that?”

SHE: “After that…I’d like you to lower your mouth to it. And take the
nipple between your teeth, gently. Play with it. Bite it a little — not
too hard. I don’t like it really hard until I’m very aroused. After a
while, switch to the other nipple. Alternate between them, and run your
tongue and teeth in the hollow between my breasts, and along the side and
back of my neck, sucking as you go.”

HE: “And my hands? What should they be doing?”

SHE: “Run your hands along my sides, and once I’m shivering from what
you’re doing, rake your nails down my back. Cup my buttocks in your broad
palms, and squeeze them. Pull me close to you, so that your cock is
pressed hard against me. Perhaps you could slide it between my legs, for
a while, so that it’s pressed against my clit. When you rock back and
forth like that, it’s almost as good as when you’re inside me.”

HE: “Do you want my fingers in you, rubbing in and out? Two fingers,
three? Should we try the whole hand this time? Or would you rather have
my mouth on your clit, my tongue tracing circles around it, then sucking
it, soft, then hard, running my teeth along it…?”

SHE: “Not this time, I think. I’m too hungry for your cock inside me.
When I’m trembling and moaning, roll onto your back and lift me up until
you can impale me on your cock. I’ll slide down very very slowly, with
your hands on my hips, guiding me. Finally I’ll come to rest against you,
and then…”

HE: “Yes?”

SHE: “Then I’d like you to stay very very still. Let me move on you,
rubbing back and forth so gently at first… not lifting at all, barely

HE: “You’re killing me…”

SHE: “Hush. After a little while, I’d go faster, but with that same
movement, your cock deep inside me and my clit rubbing against you in that
way it only does when I’m riding you. When I start to moan again, I’d
like you to take my breasts in my hands again and play with them like you
did before. But don’t move otherwise, please. Hold yourself rigid
underneath me till I come, and collapse on top of you.”

HE: “Then can I move? Please?”

She laughs.

SHE: “Yes, then you can move. Let me breathe for a moment, then roll us
over, so I can feel all of your weight on top of me. Then fuck me, slow
at first, then hard and fast, or however you’d like to. Someday, I’d like
to be fucked till I faint.”

HE: “I’ll keep that in mind.”

SHE: “I hope…”

HE: “What?”

SHE: “I hope this is what you wanted — I hope I answered your question.
I couldn’t say any of this out loud, you know. I hope writing it is good


M.A. Mohanraj