The Stars Change

The Stars Change (2015)

In October 2011, I ran a Kickstarter to fund a new book of science fiction; in March 2013, the completed book was picked up by Circlet Press, and is now available online, in e-book, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook.  The Stars Change, a novella told in interconnected stories, is set in the same universe as my story “Jump Space.”  Illustrated by Jack Kotz.

First Story:

Here’s the opening story from the book, “The Night Air.”

Book Description:
On a South Asian-settled university planet, tensions are rising. The first interstellar war has just been declared; the pure humans (or at least a segment of them) against the genetically modified humods and the aliens. The players in this
s.night_jackkotzgame are complex, and the average citizen doesn’t really understand what’s going on. They just want to go on with their life: go to work, go home, make love to their wife. Or wives. Or husbands. Or indeterminate gender human and/or alien partners. Yet when the Warren, the alien ghetto, comes under attack, humans, humods, and aliens must all decide where they stand — what is worth fighting for, or maybe even worth dying for.



Want More?

video of me at Tuesday Funk, reading “The Night Air.”