Even Arthur Would Forgive

Top of Arthur’s Seat

wind gusting fiercely;

tourists scattered talking softly

(voices captured and dispersed)

suddenly remembered

how much I wished you with me

to glory in the mountain

as it hung above the sea

and Edinburgh city

gray and gorgeous in the sunset,

would be brighter with you with me

sweating from the climb.

If you’d been on that bike

that took me up the mountain

much later, nearly midnight

(far more stars than in Chicago)

perhaps I really would have

had sex upon the mountain

open to the wind

and listening for the sea.

Guinevere, Lancelot

must have loved that mountain

and Arthur looking down

would surely have forgiven

love to match the sunset

and stars to match the city

bodies on the mountain

screaming in the wind.


M.A. Mohanraj

February 7, 1994