Got a neat piece of mail…

Got a neat piece of mail this morning:
"It is great to see the realms of intrinsic human cultural awareness being tenuously prodded by pioneers such as yourself." Is that what I'm doing?

Well, whether it is or not, events are proceeding apace. Yesterday I withdrew several submissions which had been out for several months, (to Crank!, Century, Dragon Magazine, Worlds of Fantasy and Horror (they're having real problems, from what I hear), and Zero Gravity Freefall) which will hopefully let me sell those stories to other markets. I had some snail-mail problems for a while, so it's possible that their rejections (or acceptances, I suppose) simply didn't reach me, so I won't give up on the markets quite yet. Got "The Devouring Night" ready and sent it off to Science Fiction Age (okay, will send it as soon as I get more stamps). So all's well there.

Rheal has also kindly agreed to help me start up the erotica/porn discussion list for writers (Rheal runs the Writer's Workshop, a fabulous place for getting critique and market information, divided into various subgenres - send mail to with the message 'subscribe writing' in the body of your text to join), so we're getting started on that, which is exciting.

Watched my show last night (Party of Five :-) so yesterday evening was pleasant. I'm coming down with a nasty cold, though (was up coughing much of the night), so I may leave work early today. Finished that issue of Century as well last night -- not all the stories were quite as good as the first three, but the writing level was still surprisingly high.

Payday! (which will mostly dissolve into bills soon, but oh well...)

Morning, everyone. I…

Morning, everyone. I just walked in to work, reading issue #2 of Century Magazine as I go. I haven't read this magazine before, but so far I'm very impressed. Every story I've read so far (3) has blown me away -- it's difficult deciding which one I like best, though I think "La Charmante" by Felicity Savage (her real name) wins by an edge. Definitely a magazine worth taking a look at, though the consistently high quality (and supposedly very slow response time) makes me despair of selling them one of my own stories. Oh well -- wish me luck!

Not much else exciting to report on this end. Waiting to see how the job situation goes. Got some stories to submit. Mailed out the Forum submission. Spent yesterday evening relaxing at David's. All is generally well, and I'm starting to itch to write...

Such an up and down…

Such an up and down week. The toilet's fixed and the bedroom's clean and I bought tulips yesterday and scattered them around the place (in bottles and vases, not on the floor :-), so home is looking very nice and I just submitted two stories to Penthouse Forum (Paint and Just Reading News) (or I will as soon as I buy stamps) so things are good there. On the other hand, I think I may have to quit my job, for complicated reasons having little to do with either me or my boss and much to do with other people's incompetence (and expecting me to clean up their mess). It's nothing immediate - I'll give a month's notice in any case. But the whole thing is stressful and frustrating and I don't want to deal with it. Argh.

I did go back and insert that story I promised you for last Sunday. Hope you enjoy it (not sure one is supposed to do that sort of thing, but oh well).

Ugh, what a morning. The…

Ugh, what a morning. The toilet's stopped up; I missed my bus by 20 seconds and had to walk in (pleasant some days, but I was/am cold today); and I'm feeling sick. On the plus side, yesterday I managed to make two batches of baking powder biscuits (yum!) and ate the soup I made Saturday morning with salad that our friend Sarah brought over and chocolate pudding pie (very very easy -- just add milk to Jello chocolate pudding mix and pour into graham cracker crust -- chill 2 hours). Also made and hung curtains (well, I still have to hang one of them, but I'll do it tonight), dark green, for the bedroom. I've been in a domestic mood lately, can you tell? :-)

So the workshop Saturday. Well, I did get a bunch of useful crits of my story "Worse than Dragons" (wish I could share it with you, but I'm trying to sell this one, so I need to keep it quiet) which is a fun little fairytale. Basically they liked it, but thought I spent too much lead time on it and was weak on plot. Loved the voice/characters. Pretty typical of my writing, I'm afraid -- I can do style and character and voice -- plot is tough. If I'm not careful, I'll spend all my time doing little character vignettes which are fun but don't sell!

On the negative side, the group (largish - 20 people?) seems to socialize a lot and work little. We spent about 9 hours doing work that could easily have been done in 4-5. I'm not sure what to do about that in the future except bring a book.

Last night I hosted the local Poly Support Group meeting -- usually a fun thing and useful, but this one was frustrating because I wasn't in the mood to be social and hostess-y (usually I enjoy it) and because a couple of rather loud people dominated the discussion and sort of overpowered the quieter ones. Which I guess happens a lot in meetings, but I'm not an experienced enough moderator to know how to fix it. Yick.

Got a very nice…

Got a very nice rejection from Terra Incognita -- the 'we like your work, but don't feel this piece is suitable for us, please send us more' rejection. If you can't get something accepted, this is the next best thing.

The weather is gorgeous. Not everyone would agree with me, but it's raining buckets and it's warm! Warm enough to throw on a warm shirt and go dance in the rain! I happened to be wearing a bright red shirt and black leggings today, and when I threw on my blue/green plaid highlander cloak and went walking off to work (singing, no less), I felt like a character out of a fairy tale (and the people who saw me no doubt thought I was insane. Which is fine -- poets are allowed a divine madness. :-)

So far two of my interviewees have responded -- it looks like this has a potential to be a really good article. If only the editor (very nice guy) would let me do a longer one -- but I guess he has his own constraints. I should be grateful that a hard-core mag even prints articles.

I managed to kick everyone out of the house last night and got to spend some quality time with my cat (black, originally named Chandi (another name for Kali, Hindu goddess of death and destruction), but renamed Kitten, because Kevin seems incapable of calling cats anything but Cat or Kitten (sigh)) and myself. Also did some dishes. :-) Good for me.

I've got a song stuck in my head. Ever heard Four Strong Winds? It's a lovely piece.

Red letter day! Not only…

Red letter day! Not only am I going to be interviewed for Forum Magazine, but my editor ok'd my article on erotica writers of the internet! Hooray hoorah! Nice addition to my rent money, and it should be a fun piece to write. I'm starting to feel like a writer again...

On the other hand, feeling like a writer also sort of involves making me want to go hide a closet with my computer, and so all the lovely people in my life are irritating the heck out of me. Isn't it too bad that you can't just tell a love that now isn't a good time for them to have a crisis because you have to finish writing this chapter (reading this book, making dinner, watching television, playing Might and Magic...)? Well, you can, but if you pull it too often or for inconsequential reasons, you'll almost certainly have trouble on your hands. Maybe I should date more people like Kevin (the semi-perfect stoic, he hardly ever has crises. Like 2 in 4 years). Of course, you can't exactly choose the people you fall in love with. And if you could, you'd probably make bad choices (though there are days when I wish I could combine the good qualities of people into one perfect person -- Kevin's patience, David's neatness, Karina's affection, etc. and so on (and delete the bad qualities, which of course I'm not going to list here :-)).

Saw Jumanji last night. Loved it. I don't want to hear any critique of it, 'cause I enjoyed it immensely and don't want anything to detract from that enjoyment. I got to revert to being a terrified 10-yr-old + I got Robin Williams, whom I adore (want to hear strange? Here's a list of my favorite actors: Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Emma Thompson, Matthew Broderick, Sean Connery, and Anthony Hopkins). We had planned to see Toy Story, but it wasn't playing downtown (Philly has not enough movie theatres!) and I can't say I regret the result. Serendipitous! (Did you know that that word comes from Serendip, which used to be a name of Sri Lanka?)

I've definitely decided to start the porn/erotica market list/newsletter/ gossip column thingie. So if you're a professional writer, artist, model, photographer in the field (or want to be) drop me a note and I'll add you to my list of interested people.

Sleep, glorious…

Sleep, glorious sleep...:-) Feel much better. Bright and chipper and cheery and ready to roll up the sleeves and do some actual work (so what am I doing instead? Writing this diary. :-)

Someone wrote and asked for more details on the Con. Well, I found Arisia very helpful -- I spent some time talking to Will Shetterly (who pretty regularly posts to rec.arts.sf.written) and his wife, Emma Bull (who wrote the fabulous novel, War for the Oaks which they've apparently recently done a screenplay for and are about to start shipping around to filmmakers -- cross your fingers -- it could be an amazing film!) They were both very nice and friendly and helpful (strongly recommended that I attend ReaderCon and the summer con in Minnesota (where they live)) and I also got to hear Emma open for Boiled in Lead (go get their CD's if you like Celtic rock!) as half of the duo Flashgirls (I did buy their CD, and am very happy with it. They were a little rocky at the live concert but sound terrific on the CD). I don't think Firebird Arts and Music carries it, so contact them directly if you're interested.

I attended many many panels, as I said before, and in fact got drafted to be on the Asian folklore panel (not just 'cause I'm Sri Lankan, but because I studied a lot of that stuff in college). My favorites were probably the Retelling Fairytales panel (very popular), the net culture panels (though we ended up arguing a lot, and they probably should be broken up into smaller panels next year), the Plotting a Novel panel (we continued with the material from the earlier Build a World panel, and plotted the first third of a novel -- definitely could have used another hour or three, and it was great fun), and the various genre panels (I'm starting to learn a little bit about horror -- there appears to be a wealth of quality material out there that I just knew nothing about). I also got to meet Jane Yolen, which was an honor and a pleasure (she's an amazing storyteller), and it was a shame she had to go home sick midway through Saturday.

Life has now returned mostly to its regularly scheduled programming. More specifically, I watched two hours of figure skating last night (the Rock and Roll Figure Skating Competition), which was a lot of fun. Chris Hamilton is adorable, and Katarina Witt is lovely. I'm very fond of athletes. :-) Had French bread pizza for dinner - great if you're feeling lazy or feeding a bunch of people with different tastes. Just buy or make tomato sauce and chop up a bunch of toppings and chunks of French bread and let everyone make and bake their own pizzas.

Am spending much too much time playing Might and Magic (though not as much as poor David, (first I addicted him to Warlords, now Might and Magic :-) who is going to be ahead of me soon, since he neither works nor studies (must be nice!). As for the other people in my life, Karina is not sleeping well, and so is cranky -- she also is not fond of Kevin's new attempt at a beard. I'm reserving judgement for a few weeks until it grows out more, though I suspect I won't like it either. Looks odd on him, but it's very nice to have him home regardless. We're balanced again and all's well with the world. (Now if my editor would just get back to town...)

Good morning! I’m in a…

Good morning! I'm in a good mood today -- finally started to catch up on sleep last night. It's amazing what a difference that makes in mood. I should write an ode to sleep...

Yesterday I was lazy cooking dinner and bought a premade sauce for stirfry. I may be lazy more often, because it turned out delicious, though not at all what I expected. Chop up vegetables (I used broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, fresh ginger, garlic, scallions, onions, and green and yellow peppers, bamboo shoots. I'd also recommend trying sprouts and snow peas and water chestnuts). Scramble a few eggs in peanut oil. Remove eggs to the side. Fry vegetables in peanut oil and hot oil and black pepper and a little soy for two minutes. Return eggs to pan and remove from heat. Stir in one bottle of Singapore Peanut Satay Sauce. The resulting dish will taste much more curry-like than peanutty (don't know why), but is yummy over rice. Note that I used approximately 2-3 times the amount of vegetables recommended on the bottle.

Paid bills yesterday. Hooray. I feel virtuous, especially since (for a change) none of them are late. I'm trying to repair my ailing credit rating. Finally sent off the invoice to Puritan, so hopefully I'll be getting my nice fat check soon.

Speaking of Puritan, I'm going to pitch an idea to my editor for his CyberSex column. A round table interview with some of my favorite net erotica writers (so far The Flying Pen and Michael Kalen Smith have agreed to be interviewed :-). Hope he likes the idea -- I think it could be fun. If you want to recommend any good questions I could ask the group, I'd love to hear 'em. Just drop me a note.