A Night to Remember

There were only three of us that night, lounging on Kate’s
plush carpeting. Sometime after graduating college, we’d started a
regular Friday night party, a place the six of us could turn to if we
couldn’t find a date. For various reasons, or no reason at all, none
of us had serious lovers then. So it was nice knowing you wouldn’t be
alone on Friday night. And occasionally, what with the champagne we
usually got and the odd game of Scruples or Truth or Dare, we got a
little more than friendly. Except when Susan was there, of course,
because Susan was straighter than straight, and none of us wanted to
embarrass her.

That night it was Kate, Susan and myself, so Truth or Dare was
out. As usual, though, we were all horny as hell, aching for sex.
Unfortunately, we obviously weren’t going to get it. So the talk had
turned to reminiscing…a sort of ‘I can top that’ sexual contest.
Susan was a rather plain brunette with coke-bottle glasses and a
perpetually pinched expression on her face, but somehow she got laid
more often than any of us. And in the oddest places. I knew that my
tale of sex on the roof of our twelve-story dorm had lost when she
recounted an adventure she had in Mystic, Connecticut, involving a
church in the center of a tourist park. A triumphant smile was on her
pouty lips when Susan finished. But Kate, her slim body resting
against the legs of her piano bench, shook her head.

“You may win for location, Suz, but I think I can beat you on
oddest partner.” she said.

Susan looked challengingly at her. “Better than a movie

Kate laughed. “You only *think* he was an aging Christopher
Reeve. No proof. Not that I would do him anyway…”

“Better than my thirty-yr-old professor?” I chimed in,
thinking back to a rather embarrassing incident that ended in my
actually switching majors.

“Well, if not better, at least younger…” And with that,
Kate crossed her obscenely long legs and began telling us the story of
the babysitter’s seduction…


“I was only seventeen at the time, still appallingly ignorant
about sex. Not terribly surprising, since I grew up in such a
Catholic community. There was probably a fair bit of misinformation
going around, but, being pretty unpopular and a bookworm too, I’d
somehow missed all that. All I knew about sex, I’d picked up from
antiseptic classes and one sf novel, _Rite of Passage_. Which wasn’t
much. The guys in my neighborhood had never shown much interest other
than the standard joking all females were subjected too. But that
summer I’d finally cut off all that lank hair, to its present stunning
length, and managed to lose some of the baby fat. I was still no
model, but I guess teenage guys don’t mind a chest too big for a five
foot frame. Joey certainly didn’t.

The Criniti’s lived across the street from us, a nice Italian
family. They had four children, standard Catholic excess. Joey was
the oldest, fourteen at the time, I think. Then there was Jamie,
three years younger, then Jason, and finally two-year-old Alyssa. I
guess they thought calling her Jane would be a bit much. I had often
baby-sat for them in the past, and though I had a real job camp
counseling and teaching theatre that summer, I readily agreed to help
them out one Thursday night. They gave me the keys, told me to help
myself to whatever was in the fridge and that Joey would be back from
his karate class around 8:30, and took off. I didn’t expect them back
until 11.

The kids were easy that night. We just watched a movie, I
think it was _Indiana Jones_, and then Jamie went up to finish his
homework (he was doing remedial work in summer school) and I put Jason
and Alyssa to bed. It didn’t take long, since Liss was too tired to
demand her usual story and songs. Then I went downstairs to curl up
on the couch with a copy of _Songs of Distant Earth_. I couldn’t
concentrate on the short stories, though. I kept replaying the events
of earlier that week, when Tommy, one of the neighborhood guys about
my age, had felt me up in our basement. I actually had a crush on his
older brother, but at that point I was curious enough to take what I
could get. Tommy hadn’t done much for me, being pretty clumsy, but
now, effectively alone in the Criniti home, I started fantasizing
about his brother.

I was far too much of a prude back then to actually masturbate
in someone else’s house, but my legs were entwined and my thighs
pressed tight against each other as I fantasized about kissing Rob,
having him play with my nipples and then move down to suck on them.
One of my hands had moved to a nipple (the other still trapped in the
book), and I was about to ignore my inhibitions entirely…when I
heard the screen door slam.

I jumped up and walked too quickly to the kitchen. The
clock above the sink said 10:05, and when I saw Joey slump into a
kitchen chair, I took refuge in righteous anger.

“You were supposed to be home by 8:30.” I said, trying to
sound upset for the right reasons.

“Relax. We had someone testing for black belt tonight. It
went late.” he said, sounding exhausted. His white uniform with its
blue belt was dark with sweat, and where it gaped away from his chest,
the sheen of sweat was clear against his olive skin. Eventually Joey
would probably be as hairy as his father, but right then he was still
very smooth, the way I would learn I liked them.

“Besides,” he continued, “from what I hear from Tommy, you’re not
too big on obeying rules.” An evil grin was on his face, but I almost
didn’t see it. I was so furious with Tommy that I was suddenly dizzy,
and grabbed a chair for support.

“What did he tell you?” I demanded.

“That you slept with him. It’s what he’s telling everyone.”
Joey smiled.

“I did not!” I practically shouted. It was bad enough that
Tommy was talking, but he was inventing things we never did. Not
surprising in retrospect, but at the time…I had trusted him.

“Shhh…you’ll wake the kids.” Joey said. He was suddenly
right in front of me. In my fury, I hadn’t even seen him get out of
the chair. “Calm down…so Tommy didn’t get anything, huh? Figures.”
He sounded oddly disappointed, and suddenly I had an odd attack of

“Well, we fooled around a little.” I admitted.

“Really.” Joey reached out and touched my neck, tracing a
finger down its length, sliding down to the top of my tank top. I
caught my breath, suddenly aware of just how close he was, of how much
gentler his touch was than Tommy’s, of the renewed burn in my
pussy…I was suddenly aching for this boy.

“Really.” I whispered.

Joey asked then, “Could I see a little of what Tommy got?” As
he spoke, his hand continued its downward path, slipping too quickly
along my left breast and over my hardening nipple. His other hand
came up and grasped the edge of my tank top, ready to pull it off. I
finally reached out and stopped him, grabbing both his hands.

“You’re way too young for me,” I claimed, trying to sound
nonchalant and adult. I stepped away, backing through the kitchen,
trying to put space between us. He wasn’t convinced.

“I grew up fast,” Joey said, “and I’m sure I’ve slept with
more people than you have.” He followed me, and I noticed that he
certainly didn’t look younger than me. Despite the lack of chest
hair, he’d clearly already begun to shave, and he was certainly taller
than I was, despite being three years younger.

“Your parents will be home soon.” I said.

Joey replied, “Not for almost an hour. They told me how
late they’d be out.” He continued following me. We were almost in the
living room now.

“I’m just not attracted to you. I’m sorry, Joey.” was my
final defense.

He laughed and said, “So why are your nipples so hard?” I
looked down briefly, and they were in fact sticking straight out,
clearly visible against the white fabric. In that moment, he was
against me, pushing me back onto the wide sofa, and kissing me wildly.

I think I gave up in that instant. Inhibitions were totally
lost, and I kissed him back. Tommy and I had frenched, but that had
been a cold thing of two tongues getting tangled in each other and too
much spit. Joey had obviously done a lot more kissing than Tom, and
his sweet, crazy kisses were a new experience for me. The sweat had
cooled on his chest and clothing, and were a welcome relief from the
summer heat. Joey didn’t take long to peel off my top, and undo my
bra, revealing my over-large breasts.

“Whoa, Tommy wasn’t kidding!” he almost moaned, a momentary
reminder of just how young he was, and I put my hands on his shoulders
to push him off me. But then he lowered his full lips to my right
nipple, and I arched under his touch. It was…an incredible
sensation. I’d played with my nipples before, of course, but had
never managed to reach them with my tongue. He switched to the left
nipple, but the feeling wasn’t as intense, and I shifted slightly
under him, hoping he would understand. He must have, because he
switched back again, and I moaned. I learned then that my right
nipple is just more sensitive.

Joey spent a long time playing with my breasts, seemingly
fascinated by their size. I guess most girls his own age had smaller
breasts. Lucky me, I’d had them since fourth grade. Only now did I
get an inkling of how useful they could be. His tongue would make
patterns all over my breasts, and the fan overhead made shivering
paths of the patterns. Then he would return to sucking one nipple,
while using his fingers to play with the other. I simply trembled
under him, eyes closed, my fingers clenching spasmodically at his
back. Luckily for him, I bit my nails.

Then he began to undo my shorts, unbuttoning them, and pulling
down the zip. I tensed, worried once again. “Relax.” he whispered,
as he pulled them off, my sandals with them. My head was scrunched up
against the side of the long couch, and my legs stretched out to the
other side. Joey pulled me slightly then, encouraging me to readjust
so that one leg fell off the couch. He knelt between my legs then,
and bent his head to blow warm breath onto my clit. I moaned, shaking
then, and then I didn’t know what he was doing, only that it
felt…wonderful, incredible, unbearable. Joey had slipped his
fingers under the elastic, pulling it aside so his fingers and mouth
had free reign. I was already close to the edge, and his fingers sliding
in and out, his tongue flicking over my clit, was too much to stand
for long. Joey began pounding fingers in and out of me, whispering
swear words as he did, and suddenly I was coming, coming so much
harder than I ever had before, turning my head into the cushions to
muffle my screams so the children wouldn’t hear. I came forever.

I don’t know what kind woman taught a little Italian boy to
eat pussy like that, but I will be eternally grateful to her. Joey
set my standards for orgasms right then. When I finally turned my
sweat-streaked face out of the cushion and pushed the hair out of my
eyes, he was standing up and grinning down at me, his face slicked
with sweat and cum.

“Better than Tommy?” he asked.

“Oh, much, much better.” I assured him. At that moment, I was
eager to try giving him a blow job, with his erect penis making a clearly
visible bulge in his uniform, and who knows what stupid things we
might have gone on to do? But at that silent moment, we heard a car
engine in the driveway. I positively leapt to my feet, grabbing
clothes and bolting to the bathroom across the hall. I stayed there
until I was calm and dressed, and could hear their voice talking to
Joey. Then I stepped out, willing my heart to stop pounding. Joey
was sitting on the couch, holding my book open in his hands. His
parents stood above him, Mr. Criniti ruffling through his pocketbook.
They asked me how things had gone, and I quickly answered, “Fine.” and
took their money. Mr. Criniti was mumbling something about not
feeling well so they had come home early and he hoped I didn’t mind,
but I barely heard him. I couldn’t bring myself to ask Joey for the book,
and turned to head out the door. Then I heard his voice.

“This is a really neat book. You’re sure it’s okay if I
borrow it? I’ll return it to you soon, I promise.”

“Soon.” I managed to say, before almost running out the door.
My heartbeat didn’t slow until I was home again and in my bed, safe
under the sheets and soothed by the whirring fan.

I never did get that book back. Not even sure now who wrote
it – Clarke, I think. The next day was the last day of camp, and then
I was suddenly heading off to college…and I didn’t see Joey again
until the next summer. And by then I had a monogamous boyfriend…so
that was it.”


Kate smiled as I clapped at her masterful telling of the
story. Susan looked disgruntled though.

“You call that sex?” she said. “I don’t think it counts…you
didn’t have intercourse…he didn’t even come.” She shook her head
and shrugged. “Anyway, I have to get going and grab some sleep. I’ve
got an early-morning protest meeting with Jennifer.” Susan suddenly
smiled one of her brilliant smiles. “I’ll grant you the victory
anyway, Kate…the youngest I ever had was eighteen. Slow starter, I

We got up to hug her goodbye, careful to keep the hugs only

“Give Jennifer a kiss from us!” Kate said mischievously.

“I’ll do that.” Susan replied, slipping out the door, heading
across the street to her apartment.

As Kate closed the door behind Susan, I came up behind her and
slipped my arms around her so my hands could squeeze those lovely,
huge breasts. “So,” I said, “how would you feel about spending a
little time in the bedroom eating pussy tonight?”

Kate turned to face me, still caught in the circle of my arms,
a worried look on her face. She said, “Well, I guess that would be
okay, since it’s not *really* sex, and doesn’t *really* count…” The
worried look disappeared then, and the corners of her mouth started
twitching, until she let out a sudden whoop of laughter.

I started laughing and couldn’t stop, finally collapsing
onto the floor and pulling her sweet body down with me.

We never did make it to the bedroom that night.

M.A. Mohanraj
June 4, 1994