Stay down.

Feeling frustrated — I misread my schedule for tomorrow, and had agreed to speak briefly as part of a panel at Loyola tomorrow, that I’ve now had to pull out of, for fear of missing my flight to BinderCon. It’s only going to leave a ten-minute hole in their line-up, but still, it’s super-irritating to mess up like this.

When I start dropping balls like this, it’s usually a sign that I’ve over-committed. Pull back, pull back. Say no for a while. Take more naps.

I was feeling exhausted and cranky enough that I may have thrown myself down on the bed where the kids were watching tv and pathetically asked them to make mommy feel better.

They came up with: a) tell mommy three things each they like about her, and b) pound on her back the way she likes. Best medicine.

Kavya’s three things: Mommy is very smart, mommy is very very very very nice, and mommy likes many of the same things Kavi likes, such as reading and art.

(I asked, plaintively, if I were still nice even though I made her do her math homework despite her being tired, and she said any good mommy or daddy would do that, and if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be as smart. So I guess I don’t need to feel as guilty as I had been about harassing her to finish it.)

Anand’s three things: Mommy feeds us, mommy made us be born, and mommy always gives him huggies.

Promo clip

Eep. Just realized I’m actually in this video, explaining Wild Cards (with George R.R. Martin, Melinda Snodgrass, and Max Gladstone). Apparently I am not good at looking at the camera (or sitting up straight — sorry, Amma!), but I sound okay, I guess. Lord. TV is hard. Luckily, there are only about two seconds of me. 

On the Seductiveness of My Bed

I had plans for today, but so far, all I have accomplished is getting the kids to the bus, eating leftover Thai curry for breakfast, and going back to bed with a cup of tea, my knitting, and three superhero shows queued up. Hm. This day may not be as full of accomplishment as I’d expected.
If I do actually manage to do things, possibilities include: updating my web page, responding to e-mail (both of which can be done from bed with superhero shows playing on the tv, so those are promising), going back to the basement organizing (can also be accompanied by tv, but requires leaving the bed, boo), and a shopping errand downtown, which is potentially fun (trying on fancy dresses for anniversary party), but requires leaving the bed pretty definitively. We’ll see.


Tonight’s artist trading card. Kavi really liked the zentangle I did yesterday, so she attempted one of her own, and was very happy with the results — I like it a lot too.
As for me, I combined the imaginary creature activity (inspired, in this case, by one of her suggested prompts, a crumpled piece of foil) with the botanical thingies I seem to keep drawing, in a repetitive pattern that’s a bit zentangle-y. I need to draw my initial lines more lightly, I think, or use the colored pencil from the get-go — I don’t like how darkly the outline show up. But otherwise, kind of fun.


My story “Plea,” is live at Lightspeed, eep. In this story, my parenting anxieties collide with my political ones.

This is part of my ongoing universe, but can be read as a stand-alone; it doesn’t matter if you read it before or after _The Stars Change_, “Communion,” or “Webs.”



Today’s artist trading card was a zentangle, because several people recommended them. I glanced at a book, _One Zentangle a Day_, and was honestly a little off-put by how didactic it was about the format. There’s an official paper, and an official pen, an official way you’re supposed to initial your art, etc. and so on. That said, I did my initial drawing with the pencil I had on hand, instead of the pen they suggested, and I did get a little frustrated by the lack of precision, so I suppose they have a reason for their rules. Hm. 


In any case, it was interesting, and I might do some more. I like the basketweave section of this best, though the mushroomy-thingies are kind of cute too. I don’t think I really got the borders between sections right; they’re more defined than I think they ought to be. Will try again, I think. But I think the wacky animals may be more my style.


Lunch break — pleased that at gym, my trainer has graduated me from TRX strap / body weight exercises to lifting with weights. Squats with the bar, woo! Will be sore tomorrow. Paused on the way home to take photos of the autumn crocuses — for whatever reason, the bunnies and squirrels tend to devour my spring crocuses, but the autumn ones make it through, mostly, anyway. Maybe there’s just more other food around for them now? Charming, whatever the reason. Okay, back to work now! Facebook off!

img_1408 img_1412 img_1414

Bird Squish

Almost went to bed, then remembered I hadn’t done my little artist trading card sketch for the day. This one is courtesy Carla Sonheim’s _Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals_, and is copied from one of her pictures. I didn’t get the balance quite right, so the top birdie kind of looks like they’re squishing the long-suffering bottom birdie. But I like it anyway. I let myself have color this time, because the picture seemed to want it.



img_1398 Thanks to my aunties — I’m not sure if these were Terry Aunty’s or Marina Aunty’s, but one of them sent me home with rolls the last time I visited them, and so when I got an impromptu visit from my Sri Lankan friend, Elaine, on her way into the city from the airport, I was able to pull some out of the freezer and toast them up for our tea.

If you’re not Sri Lankan diaspora, you probably won’t appreciate the magnitude of this hosting victory. I just wish I’d had a nice Fanta on hand to offer her along with it.

Now I am out of rolls. Sadness. I may have to actually make a batch myself, just to be sure I’m not caught out the next time a Sri Lankan pops in.

Wild Girl

Tried another artist trading card drawing today — I like it, though I kind of wish I’d made the lamppost smaller and a bit further back. I tried doing falling leaves there first, but didn’t like how they came out, and you can still see the traces of them, because apparently I am not skilled at erasing. Oops. Still, kind of like this.

The bottom three are by Kavya — I ‘traded’ her mine, and she started making some for me. She’s ahead of me now! I’m trying to commit to one a day, so I probably won’t catch up ’til tomorrow.


img_1395-2 img_1396-2 img_1397-2