A Combination That Makes for a Sleepy Mary Anne

The combination of a Bujold book dropping just before bed and a 7 a.m. U+ board meeting makes for a sleepy Mary Anne. 🙂 But I have things that MUST be done today (grades are due, for one), so I’ll try to power through.

One aspect of the U+ board meeting is trying to figure out if I can attend the Other Futures festival in Amsterdam. It’s November 5-6, which unfortunately overlaps with World Fantasy in Montreal, but I haven’t committed to World Fantasy yet, so I might do this instead.

Trying to figure out funding, airfare / hotel, etc. If I go, I’d love to meet people in Amsterdam, do readings, etc., so if you happen to be from there and can give me some guidance, that would be much appreciated.

It’s also, I admit, very strange to be potentially planning a non-essential international trip in this second year of the pandemic. And yet, I’m fully vaccinated, and assuming the U.S. / the Netherlands are not requiring quarantine, allowing travel, etc., I think it should be okay? Oh, re-entry is going to be strange.

I’ve just booked a trip to California in mid-June, to see Jed Hartman and have a little writing retreat / workshop with Alex. I have a hooded face shield to wear, just for an added layer of protection (which feels very futuristic, somehow), and my flight is non-stop, which will at least minimize airport time. I think it’ll be fine. But still feels a little weird.

(I’m somehow having trouble finding the current link for the Other Futures festival, but this is the one from last year, that was postponed: https://www.nica-institute.com/other-futures-2020/)

A Baby in Blessings

Spoonflower has just put some of its apparel fabrics 15% off (also free shipping on fabric ’til Friday), including their Organic Sweet Pea Gauze, which I’ve heard from other sewists works well for swaddle blankets.

So I tried making one — but I think I could probably use an actual baby for a model, as opposed to my Valentine’s day gnome… Now who do I know with a baby….? I’d be happy to send you a “Mayura Raksha” peacock swaddle blanket (blue or pink are the colors I have on hand at the moment, lavender, bright yellow and hot pink coming later) in exchange for some cute photos. (And in case you’re worrying about it, I think ALL babies are cute.)

Happy with the swaddle blanket otherwise, though! We’ll be adding it. The Mayura Raksha is believed to bring peace, harmony and wealth — perfect for wrapping a baby in blessings. 🙂

Greyhaven Evolving

I’m really happy with how the river house, Greyhaven, has evolved in my parkway garden. I’ve added some more lapis lazuli chips to lead the Esthely River under the porch steps and along the front of the house (where the sisters like to sit and read together). Yes, it’s a little goofy to use somewhat expensive chips instead of much cheaper glass stones to make the river, but it is SO pretty, I have no regrets. 🙂

The river curves around to the bridge, where we meet bunny siblings Cicely and Parsley, passes by the Ent grove (with just one Ent right now, but perhaps more will show up), and then circles a sedum before disappearing into the Deep Woods.

(Thank you to all who submitted names for the bunnies! It was a hard choice. Diana’s younger sister needs a name, if you’d like to weigh in.)