Kavi wandered over yesterday and glanced at my screen when I happened to be editing some HTML and said, sounding startled, “Mommy, are you coding?” I absent-mindedly said yes (was focused on work) and she said, “I didn’t know you knew how to code.”

I told her I’d been hand-coding HTML for twenty years, and I knew a little Unix too. I’m really not any kind of actual coder, but it was a good reminder to me that I should make this kind of activity more visible for her, so she doesn’t just think of mommy as the one who gardens and throws parties. 🙂


Kavi is up at 7 a.m. on a Sunday, Facetiming with her friend, laughing and chatting while they play Roblox together. This is what she does most of the time she’s home right now, and I admit, I find it a little bemusing that so much of her time is on screens, but she is having so much fun that I really can’t complain. I think I was around her age when I started spending something like eight hours / day on the phone with Karen Zalewski, and I honestly don’t even know what we talked about. Horses were definitely part of the conversation, even though neither one of us actually spent any time with real horses. The mechanism changes, but the communication needs stay the same…

Happy Earth Day!

I miscalculated slightly in my planting, and I now have enough tulips and daffodils to open a flower shop… The *plan* was to plant the cutting beds so I’d have enough blooms to do the flower arrangements for our May 20 anniversary party, without leaving the rest of the garden bare, but Mother Nature has wrought havoc with said plans, with the whole garden running 3-4 weeks early this year. I don’t know whether it’s climate change, or what, but I’m going to have to rely on whatever comes next, I think — alliums and irises? And if harvesting them leaves the garden a bit denuded, oh well.




Kavya and I might have had a bit too much fun doing a photo shoot to model the sweater-poncho-thingie I just finished knitting for my niece. Kavi quite likes it, and is pondering whether she wants one of her own — in pink, though, not taupe! A quick, easy knit — recommended.


My C2E2 schedule for this weekend — hope to see some of you there!
Friday April 21, 8-9pm.
Title: More Than a Sidekick: Expanding Visibility for Asian American Characters and Creators in Comics
Description: Asian Americans have often been relegated to the role of sidekicks in superhero stories, but new generations of creators and characters are successfully changing that narrative. This panel will examine the evolution of Asian American representation in comics – both on and behind the page – and how these characters and their Asian American creators are finding their own footing in the spotlight.
Saturday April 22, 1:45 – 2:45 p.m., S403
Title: Presents Diverse Means for Diverse Works
Description: has assembled a mixture of independent publishers and creators who saw a lack of diverse content in their fields and began publishing to provide a home for those stories. We will tackle the issues and opportunities that independent publishing presents for creators and fans who support diverse representation and storytelling in comics
Sunday April 23, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m., S405b
Title: Reblog, Retweet, Resist! Hashtag Movement and Fan Activism presented by
Description: You reblog, retweet and resist! Social media has transformed pop culture fans into popular movements through fan activism and Hashtag campaigns


I have gotten kind of terrible at relaxing in the last several years, which will no doubt be amusing to people who knew me in high school and college and even for a few years thereafter, where I lounged about a great deal. Now, my personality has shifted enough that I get antsy if I sit for ten minutes without doing something.
But I actually can recognize that I need to rest, so I have prescribed myself a nice dinner (rare roast lamb and new potatoes with buttery onions and garlic, accompanied by a light green salad and a crescent roll). And now, replete, have followed that up with lounging on the porch with a glass of red wine, the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and a copy of Martha Stewart Living. I can always read about Martha doing things, if I get too twitchy. Or just enjoy the pretty pink blossoms on the redbud tree in its full springtime glory.

Back garden

We mostly ignored the backyard for the first seven years we lived here (short on both time and money), but last summer we got some furniture, and in the fall, I threw a bunch of bulbs in the ground. It’s coming along nicely now. Ellie approves.
I can’t take credit for the scilla — that’s the one flower that survived from before we arrived, and made it through the construction process when we were doing the gut renovation on the house. It’s tough! When I have time, I’d like to lift a bunch of it and move it around so it can start spreading in other corners of the yard.


Kavi’s first soccer game! I am a head coach in name only — thankfully, I have a co-head-coach, plus two experienced assistant coaches, because I really don’t know what I’m doing yet. My high school soccer (thirds) team experience was a long, long time ago. Between the four of us, I think we make at least one decent coach. I may have been looking up rules on my phone in the middle of the game. 🙂 (In case you’re curious, once the goalie has hands on the ball, no one is allowed to try to kick it. Be safe!)

We lost 2-0, but the girls played well despite unexpected 80 degree heat; I was proud of them all for staying out there. Kavi is currently the least experienced on the team, and I’m pretty sure in the worst shape, so she got pretty tired in an hour of running around. But hopefully between practices and games, that will improve for her soon. I was just happy that she was still relatively cheerful at the end of the game; I’d been a bit worried that it would all end in tears.