Oh, I can’t listen to the radio no more,
Too many broken hearts, singing their blues,
Cursing the day their love went away,
And I am so far from you.


My chest is so tight, my throat is so dry,
I’ve chewed up my lips ’til they’re sore;
I think I’ve got a fly caught in my eye,
And I can’t sing this love song no more.

We go to the movies, my sister and me,
See the story of a love so strong and true;
And I’m sobbing in my seat with my arms around my knees
‘Cause I am so far from you.


Oh, even action movies, they’ve got a kiss or two,
Or if they don’t, I pretend, that they do;
Though I’m not looking still I find, lovers in my mind,
‘Cause, baby, I am so far from you.


I cannot watch the movies; I cannot watch tv,
Can’t hear nobody singing their songs.
But I listen every night, a moth burning up in light —
Being so far away from you is wrong.

Final refrain



M.A. Mohanraj
Aug 14, 1998