The Tummy — A Cautionary Tale

Adrian E. was a charming child,

With a smile that stretched ear to ear.

Attractive and clever and cheerful and kind,

You’d think he had nothing to fear.

But Adrian E. was different;

Different from others — it’s true!

For Adrian E. had a tummy,

That was bigger than most kids’ he knew.

His tummy was curving, his tummy was round,

It bulged like a great bowling ball.

It was smooth, it had grace, it was lovely;

It was everything — except small!

His sisters would tease him for hours

And make fun of his big rounded shape,

‘Til Adrian E. was quite miserable

And tried to make his escape…

So one day the dear boy went running

And bent down by some flowers to sniff

The enchanting smell — he slipped and fell

And went tumbling over a cliff!

If he had been skinny he’d surely have died;

Squashed flat, every inch and each ounce.

But Adrian E. was lucky enough

To land on his tummy — and bounce!

Let this be a lesson to all of you who

Make fun of those kids that can eat.

Adrian lived to a jolly old age —

Some kids would be skinny squashed meat!


M.A. Mohanraj

July 11, 1995