Carven Paths

You cannot lose your loves —

they cling among the carven paths of heart

and memory.

You — you who I had sworn

would leave nothing behind.

I would excise each gentle phrase,

memory of gardens and moments of grace,

impassioned touch and love of words,

of life, of love.

Yet look — here you remain,

revealed in the small nesting place

made inside the battered paths

of memory. I find

to my chagrin, that I no longer wish

to excise that love, that life.

Indeed, it has become a part of me;

I cannot live without it.

And if you broke my heart, once

not so long ago, no matter.

Hearts will heal.

The gifts you gave me linger on.

One day, I may even thank you.


M.A. Mohanraj

April 1, 1995