don’t walk to the store

don’t walk through the yard

don’t walk out the door

don’t walk

don’t talk to an old boyfriend, who calls every hour

on the hour

don’t talk to the shrink they sent you,

don’t talk to your mother what could you tell her

don’t talk to your friends don’t open your door

Police Report #1187369

Subject was found at the southwest corner of 54th and Ellis, two

blocks from her apartment building. Subject had been assaluted by

three men of indeterminate age, caucasian. Subject had been raped

repeatedly and battered. Metal pipe was found at the site, smeared

with traces of the subject’s blood. No fingerprints were found.

Don’t scream, lady. We won’t hurt you.

don’t scream


M.A. Mohanraj

October 30, 1992