Flame Against the Ending

(note, this is actually from 1988. It’s one of my earliest poems.)

A candle contains all colors, and the promise

Of night to come.

Threads of color bright

And dark. Strands of life; tales told.

Purest silver wizard, fellow weaver of strands.

Crimson dragon, fiery phoenix.

Unicorn black, and white.

Emerald forest sheltering elf,

Countless others.

Join the colors; weave the tapestry.

A fairy tale? Call it rather

An alternate reality – where colors

Are brighter, and darker,

Edges sharper, love stronger.

Where the battle against evil,

Or inertia, or entropy,

May be fought and won, and even

A loss may be a victory. For the greyness

Of entropy, of ending, must come;

The universe is racing towards its doom,

Expanding into nothingness, and we are

Powerless to prevent.

We can but strengthen, maintain, heal, create…

Join me, weave the colors and

Thereby, light a candle against

The chill.


M.A. Mohanraj