Idealist’s Response

He accused
in all seriousness
of being a

So I wish to state
for the record
that I do indeed believe
with my whole red beating mushy heart

in twue wuv

butterflies and flowers and sunsets and sunrises
over lakes and streams in forests and mountains
with cute little bunny rabbits flopping adorably by
and glossy-coated, bright-eyed bambi look-alikes
trembling in the light of a full moon
under a sea of stars (and never mind the mixed metaphors)

magic and castles and princesses and happy-ever-afters

and if occasionally the endings I predict
don’t seem quite so

please chalk it up to a bad day

and keep in mind
that I do believe
that tomorrow will
be better


M.A. Mohanraj
March 5, 1993

(for David Covin)