Photos from #Worldcon2019

Linen Hall Library, Belfast. Jed and I didn’t have a lot of time in Belfast — about an hour to wander around. So we just walked the streets a bit, and stopped in at this building, which I had somehow assumed was some kind of textile arts museum. But no — it’s actually a membership-based private library (also something of a museum), built in what used to be the White Linen Hall (a linen exchange).

“By becoming a member of the Linen Hall Library you are continuing a tradition that began in 1788 when a group of artisans, determined to enhance their understanding of the world and make the written word accessible, began what was then called The Belfast Reading Society.”

More about the library:


I admit to being a little stunned to see stained glass GoT in the heart of Belfast. I knew the series had been great for tourism (you can take many different GoT tours there), but still! Nice job, George!

Just a mall, but still, interesting to see the modern juxtaposition in old Belfast…

Foreign junk food is the most interesting junk food. 

One more WorldCon dinner in Dublin, at some fancy Japanese place whose name I’ve forgotten.

Bits of Dublin.

Bits of WorldCon. Yes, I photograph my food a lot. Also Jedediah. 

Fascinating textile arts stop in the dealer’s room.

Lovely dinner at The Winding Stair in Dublin — delicious food, even more delicious company. — with Shweta TanejaBenjamin Rosenbaum and Heather Shaw.

Science Ceilidh — they do educational ceilidh, which is just delightful. I had the best time, dancing ‘til I was ready to collapse. 

I had a moment when, for all my love of Irish food, I really needed a spicy meal — this cheap takeout place next to our hotel hit the spot!


Make a note

I feel you, Colm.


I’m reading a Murderbot novelette, and I keep having ideas for my space opera series — not even the novel I’m supposed to be actually finishing now, that I’m almost done revising, but the related series that is just a big jumbled mess, and which I wasn’t planing to even look at again until September or maybe October, and part of me wants to stay up and write some more right now.

But the rest of me says that I have to be ready to go get on a tour bus at 9 a.m. tomorrow, to go see Newgrange and the Hill of Tara, and that will undoubtedly spark lots more ideas, so just — make a note, Mary Anne.

(Yes, the rock used for dwelling walls on the indenture planet should have invisible inclusions that glow brilliantly when you sing to them, and it’s tied up with their religion but will also make for an awesome ceilidh scene when the pregnant Sri Lankan girl shows up there, cold and lonely and broken-hearted…)

Make a note, and then go to sleep. You’re still jet-lagged, and you were rather desperately short on sleep coming into this vacation. SLEEP.


In the hotel bar

I’m in my hotel bar, having a cider and reading the next Murderbot book, and the guys chatting at the other end are speaking in a language I don’t know, maybe Danish or some such, but then they said ‘Game of Thrones’ and a few minutes later ‘sci-fi’ and now I’m intensely curious what they’re talking about, and I kind of want to name-drop spending half an hour chatting with George this morning, but that would be a jerk move, interrupting their conversation, so I’ll just sit here enjoying my cider and my book and being slightly bewildered at my life. 🙂