Sri Lanka 2018

Water Garden

  As you’re walking the long path through the water gardens, you’ll note that the right side is excavated, so you can see the pattern of the gardens, the stonework and brickwork created by the pools — the left side is mostly a big pond, not yet excavated by archeologists. I don’t know if that’s …

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Middle Rampart

  Middle rampart. Sigiriya is a fascinating mix of fortress and pleasure garden. Please picture both the guards, and the lovely ladies who would have been strolling about, enjoying the lilies and the kingfishers and the egrets. The supposedly 500 concubines were guarded by female guards, interestingly!                 …

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  There is so much structure to the Sigiriya gardens, and without the water, you can really see all the shapes they built. Structure is so important to gardens, but when I look at this I do notice the labor involved. So much work! As a gardener myself, I know just how much of a …

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