Sri Lanka 2018

Lime Juice!

  At Galle Face Hotel, they greeted us with fresh sweetened lime juice and pieces of milk toffee. Kavi turned hers down, even though I told her I thought she’d like it. A little later, as we were walking towards breakfast, the following: Me: Sweetie, I want you to at least taste things here. Little …

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Breakfast at Galle Face

  I’ve been a little worried about feeding Kavi on this trip (and about whether Anand would be able to eat easily if he comes in a few years), but Galle Face has totally stepped up its game since 2005. Brunch offered a vast array of bagels and cream cheese shmears, a fascinating yogurt bar, …

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Taking off … !

We made it on the plane — headed to Abu Dhabi first, thirteen hour flight. Then layover for three and a half hours, then four and a half hour flight to Colombo. It’s been thirteen years for me and Karina, and Jed and Kavi have never been. Exciting!

Lily Pond

    I mentioned the lily pond in the video a few posts back. Some of these pools would have been full of lilies.   #sigiriyagame   *****

Western Entrance

There are multiple entrances to Sigiriya, I think, but tourists come in through the Western entrance, passing the water gardens, which I think must have been the main entrance, as it’s certainly the most grand way to approach the king’s majesty ….   #sigiriyagame   *****

Stone Stairway

  Okay, back to Sigiriya — I hope to at least finish posting the water garden photos today. Ready?   #sigiriyagame   *****    

Old Stone

  Very old, but with plenty of presence still.     #sigiriyagame   *****


  I mean, look at that perfect reflection of the tree. SO PRETTY.     #sigiriyagame   *****


I would love to talk to someone who really knows about the irrigation system and how it worked. The guide told us that there were clay pipes bringing water from the springs to the pools, and that when the rain was heavy, there would be enough water pressure that they could create fountains (see pic …

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