An Elderly Lady

Traditionally, the pets get stocking gifts too. The treats went over well, but Ellie is an elderly lady these days (fifteen!), and where she used to fall on these toys at the holidays, generally shredding them within a few days in her eagerness to get at the squeakers, she is either too tired or too wise to fall for it now. That would require exertion.

So if any locals have more enthusiastic doggies and would like a brand-new teddy bear with squeakers for pet disassembly, we would be very happy to leave it on the porch for pick-up. Let me know!

Is That for Me?

Ellie says, “Is that for me?”

Sorry, baby. Gnocchi arrabbiata (potato dumplings in a spicy marinara sauce with pancetta), pollo alla fiorentina (chicken breast sautéed in lemon butter sauce, layered with spinach and mozzarella cheese), and sautéed broccoli (all delicious) are for human people, not doggy people.

All from La Notte Ristorante Italiano, which has recently moved into the Carleton Hotel (where Barclay’s used to be), which means that they’re now less than a block from my house. Oh, happy day. I love gnocchi, but I am super-lazy about all the effort that goes into making it, so I’m particularly delighted to order it from a local restaurant.

Good Morning So Far

Good morning so far — about an hour of light gardening, then a couple hours dealing with some work e-mails I’d been avoiding. Paused work to jump on the treadmill for 20 minutes, then eat a little lunch — in the process, had an idea for one of the novels, which I’ve just jotted down so I don’t forget it completely. It’ll probably be a month before I get back to that book, at the earliest — I have two big Wild Cards stories to draft, and various short stories and essays I’d like to get out the door.

Next few hours, more gardening interspersed with story revision, I think. Normally, I’d be doing a lot of teaching work on a Monday, but I’m taking Labor Day seriously as a holiday — told my students to take the day to rest (or catch up), and we’d start the week on Tuesday. I’m a little overwhelmed after the first two weeks of school, and I figure they probably are too.

I spent much of Sat / Sun lying in bed or lounging on the couch, which helped with the tiredness, but there’s only so long I can do that before things start to fall down. Right now, checking things off the to-do list is the best thing I can do for my mental health, I think. If I get enough done, then I’m hoping to take a break around 3 and play Terraforming Mars with Jedediah…