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We Made it to Sri Lanka’s Daily News!

I’m finding myself totally curious about how newspaper articles work, because Gretchen McKay’s terrific piece on A Feast of Serendib has made its way from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to Sri Lanka’s Daily News! Would she have pitched them this piece? Do newspapers keep an eye out for pieces of interest and then buy reprint rights? …

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A New Bookkeeper and Accountant

I don’t think I mentioned that Serendib Press / Home / Garden / Travel / ETC. hired a bookkeeper and an accountant this week, which feels like a little milestone. Should I have done this years ago? Yes, yes, I should’ve. Ah well, onwards.

Feast Amazon Sale!

SALE! It turns out that Amazon will sometimes do discounts on books, which doesn’t affect how much I make (as the amount they pay the distributor doesn’t change), and right now, Feast is discounted from $40 down to $26.49 on their site, which I have to tell you, is a heck of a bargain. We’re …

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Sigh. I have to admit, I’ve mostly hit pause on all of the book launch activities around the cookbook, even the digital ones, because it feels so weird to be trying to sell something during a pandemic. I have this list of places to send press inquiries, for example. I think I probably should just …

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