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Glittery Henna

I wouldn’t have thought to add glitter to henna, but the kids loved it. *** Ingrid bonne photography

An Update from Kavi

We got an official update from Kavi’s study abroad program — thought I’d share it here, in case people are interested in following along with her, or considering this kind of program for their own kids. (I didn’t write anything that follows!) ***** This is your first weekly CIEE update! We’ll be writing from Buenos …

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Proof of Life

Since I know some of you were fretting (my dad, at least), here’s proof of life — Kavi texted some photos from her second day in Buenos Aires. The first day was pretty rough — Kavi didn’t manage to sleep on the plane, so she was fairly exhausted through the first day of orientation, meeting …

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Matching T-Shirts for the Win

How much do I love matching t-shirts? We got escort passes and walked Kavi through security to her gate, and promptly spotted a bunch of other kids wearing the same blue CIEE program t-shirts. I’m feeling much less anxious about Kavi making her connection in Atlanta now, and it looks like they’ve already started bonding …

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Capturing Her Spirit

Two of Kavi’s favorite pics from her party, with her friend Isobel. Two of my favorites too. I love how the photographer captured her spirit here. Photography by Ingrid Bonne.

Off to Argentina

Kavi came home last night from a three-day trip with her friends in Michigan, and she’s leaving tomorrow afternoon for a month in Argentina, and my baby is getting really BIG and I can’t even. Kevin and I were watching a TV show yesterday with a cute baby, and I was all ‘remember when Kavi …

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Kavi Went Fishing

Kavi went off to Michigan with friends for a few days, and while out there, tried fishing for the first time. I’ve never actually been fishing myself! But she caught the biggest fish — 18 inches! We were impressed. She thinks it might be a bass?