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Kavi’s First Hosting

A few pics from yesterday’s birthday party that Kavi hosted. Her first party hosting! A surprise and everything. They didn’t run out of food! Amma is proud.

First Day of 11th Grade

I drove Kavi in because she worked hard yesterday throwing her sweetie’s birthday party (it went great!), and I wanted to make sure Kavi ate something (we’re trying to get her to eat more regular meals instead of skipping breakfast), and we picked up her sweetie on the way; it was nice listening to them …

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Answering Cooking Questions

Spent the last hour working on eldercare finance stuff, which is not the most fun, but in between that, I was answering cooking questions from Kavi and her friends — Kavi is getting ready to host her first party, a birthday party for her sweetie. Her friends are making the cake, which is apparently based …

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Headed Off to Orientation

Kavi has headed off to orientation for a new volunteer gig — she’ll be working in Rush Hospital’s Emergency Room. Essentially this is a candy-striper type of thing, and I find it funny because I did almost exactly the same thing when I was 16 at my dad’s hospital. They’re pretty serious about their volunteer …

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And So It Begins

Kavi’s been getting e-mails for a while, but Hopkins is the first one to send print materials to our rising junior. Kavi: “I feel so special!” And so it begins.

Kavi Study Abroad Update!

She had a rough second week, poor munchkin — got a bad cold, and missed a few days of school. Kevin and I were a little frantic — our baby is sick! in a foreign country! is anyone checking her temperature??? (Yes, her host family was, it turns out…) We relaxed a little once Kavi …

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Photos from Buenos Aires

Kavi sent along some photos from Buenos Aires — on Saturday, they had an expedition to a rural estancia (farm/ranch) and got to ride horses. (Or, as she said, got to sit on the horse and have it walked around in a circle…). She didn’t find that scary (how could you? look how adorable her …

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Inspiration Photo

Kavi brought an inspiration photo for the henna artist, which she reproduced at speed! *** Ingrid bonne photography