Serendib Garden


“Jeana” garden phlox, in a little vase that Anand made at pottery camp this summer. He and Kavi enjoyed doing it again — Anand mostly made cylinders, because he wanted to work on his cylinder skills, and so I have a lot of little vases from him now. I love them.

Ebb Tide

I had this rose before, in the front yard, and it wasn’t happy and went away after a year. I’m trying again, and hoping it’ll be happier in the backyard, because I love the purple-ish color. “Ebb Tide.”

Racoon Advice

So, we’ve had a raccoon family visiting our garage every spring for some years, and we were mostly just living with it — we’d see them in the rafters on occasion, then mama and the babies would disappear again. But now they’re just wandering happily around our back garden, and they’re pretty big, and we …

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